An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1504.22 (161,440th)
31 (1,236,699th)
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Title Δ
Generating a dictionary from two lists 0.00
Extracting text from a succession of strings enclosed in HTML tags... +4.31
How do I get the folder of the known file directory? +4.09
Python Regular Expression getting sub string 0.00
XML Parsing in python(xml.etree.ElementTree) 0.00
Changing multiple instances of a similar element in a list -4.00
Python- IF Else statement and return -2.07
how to solve a run time error in case shift of string -1.93
Convert columns to rows by groups -0.78
create list of dictionary in a pythonic way -1.09
Comprehend a dictionary that maps the names of months to their nume... -3.72
How to use the variable value inside <img src=""> i... -4.18
TypeError: unsupported operand typ +3.67
why TypeError: unhashable type: 'list' when calling function? -4.22
How to remove ' from the output +0.85
How to generate a random number such that it is not a power of 2? T... +0.70
Initializing several empty lists with the list multiplication metho... 0.00
Importing python function gives ModuleNotFoundError -4.32
How could I split a list based on first character of word and put t... +2.41
Is there anyway to get random indexes of a list in a new list in py... +6.26
Get set of unique values from a dictionary of lists +3.95
how to match value of 1st list with the indexes of 2nd list in python +3.76
python recursion appending to list -3.93
How to increment a variable inside of a list comprehension -3.48
Finding the main picture of the Wikipedia page with Python 0.00
New objects inheriting previous object attributes -2.04
How to import pygame in python3 -4.20
Dataframe convert header row to row pandas -0.61
unable to loop over the href value in web scraping +0.59
How to make all the bits inverted in python? +3.87
Create a DataFrame birds from this dictionary data which has the in... +2.60
Is there a way to compile the Python code ignore syntax? +6.06
Extracting JSON value from key +3.96
How to copy zipfile from one folder to another folder using Python 0.00
Convert dataframe column from Object to float or int 0.00
"Else" statement not responding -1.82
How to solve "TypeError: list indices must be integers or slic... -3.76
How can i call own method in django class based api views -1.04
String increment of characters for a column -1.76
Generate random numbers after a string +0.62
Collections Counter over a list of Tuples -0.39
Unable to implement an inner "for" loop -0.07
Python: What's wrong with this Python Code(requests)? 0.00
Writing Power Function in recursive way -2.14
Is there some kind of code that allows me to print ("Logged in... +3.98
sorted lists of dictionary with specific data in dict +4.18
how to append dictionary with dictinoary included list -0.11
Django doesn't provide a DB representation for AnonymousUser- D... 0.00
Issue in Installing Python newspaper package on google colab 0.00
Install msi with msiexec in a specific dir 0.00