An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1758.43 (31st)
198,654 (238th)
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Title Δ
Boost MPL and_ type +0.13
Boost MPL at template overload missing? 0.00
How to instantiate superclass template with own type? -2.83
Is it possible to have a boost::variant inside a struct that does n... -0.31
std::atomic with custom class (C++ 11) -2.21
C++ Stack: uninitialized local variables +4.55
C++ random_shuffle() not behaving properly 0.00
C++ Simple Encryption -1.59
Why is my insertion into STL list running slow? +2.35
Modifying the values of a 2d array of reference in a function +4.34
Iterator in std::set containing std::map +0.42
c++ - <unresolved overloaded function type> 0.00
Retrieve data from heterogeneous std::list +3.41
Using reinterpret_cast to add const to a template class +0.04
overloading operators in class template 0.00
Recursive Permutation, Ellis Horowitz Algorithms and data structure... -3.15