An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Tamas Mezei

1500.04 (491,013th)
859 (173,576th)
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Title Δ
Java with Drupal-6/PHP +3.88
How do I get Maven 2 to build 2 separate WAR files -1.58
How can I read the lines of a file into an array in Perl? +0.20
What are some specific examples of backward incompatibilities in Pe... -3.34
.persist() returns no errors, but where is my persisted data? +4.09
MySQL query fetching siblings -2.32
How to open a url's returned content in an eclipse editor? 0.00
Helping managers and customers understand SOA -4.24
How do I compile Readline support into Ruby +3.47
hpricot in netbeans 0.00
Pseudo code needed if possible? -0.40
How Can I Make This Python Code More Usable And Readable? -3.77
How does memory fences affect "freshness" of data? -2.72
passing value to other module python +0.37
What's the difference between Ruby and JRuby? +3.01
If column is default, calculate value in mySQL +0.13
URL convention for date range +1.42
how to erase sql quries from ActiveRecord::Base.logger 0.00
What is the complexity of this algorithm? +1.05
How to create a calendar object in Java +0.35
Writing application for both Unix and Windows -1.10
Java EE6 over EE5? +1.55
Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory() in Java EE ignores JTA sou... 0.00
multiple discriminator columns for persistent subclasses 0.00