An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1497.64 (3,839,455th)
319 (384,512th)
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Title Δ
Spring beans not found in library jar 0.00
MongoDB Morphia says deprecated use 0.00
Hows does java allow a name like Map.Entry? I thought a dot is not... -0.59
The allocation without an enclosing instance raised an exception +3.79
Can I use the conditional ternary operator into a string concatenat... -0.01
Main Thread freezes all other threads inclusive java gui thread +0.04
Getting exception while testing a class using JUnit and Mockito -3.81
Spring mvc + hibernate/jpa -> entity manager is not injected des... -4.03
Entity getting saved without @Transactional 0.00
Spring Batch with two databases +3.75
eliminate same data while inserting multiple records 0.00
How to find admin console in Apache Tomcat? +4.28
Spring java MongoDB @Query annotation for order top or first records 0.00
Avoid creating ApplicationContext in each method 0.00
Is an EJB Test with Embedded Container a unit test or an integratio... -1.84
Scheduling a task every n months using Timer Service -3.95