An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.99 (4,384,785th)
1,704 (96,445th)
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Title Δ
pluck on multiple joined tables -3.83
How do I use expect to test for less than -3.84
How do I force rbenv ruby version to use a specific rubygems version? +0.16
Unwanted tables in schema file for rails app -1.99
Is it possible to run a Rails 4.2 app on Ruby 2.4? -1.21
Making ActiveRecord sanitization methods available in class 0.00
Removing letters from a string and only retaining numbers +3.96
Ansible template only if file doesn't exist +0.02
Delete all records from all tables in database using seeds.rb -3.99
How to get the right csv format from hash in ruby -0.07
I have a string in perl, how do I replace it with the same string b... 0.00
Populate a Ruby array like [a,a,a,a].. [f,f,f,f] +0.62
Ordering ActiveRecord Relation by temporary column field in Rails 0.00
How to create a Ruby array slice which shares the same instance of... +1.96
More ruby-like way of writing simple ActiveRecord code -4.13
How do I save Dragonfly Images to a remote server using NGINX rever... 0.00
Parsing between quotes in Ruby +0.79
How to put specific options on top of dropdown list in rails 0.00
Ruby Stubbing Best Practices for Time Consuming Operation 0.00
Arel AND clause and Empty condition +4.11
capistrano-env file permissions -1.26
How can I retrieve deleted objects from Active Directory with Ruby? -3.83
Require current password to set a new password -2.04
Multiple schedule.rb files with whenever gem 0.00
gitlab email setup +4.13
Any idea how to transform this O(n^2) algo into a O(n) -0.49
How to ensure that randomly generated numbers are not being repеаted? -1.49
Distribution of data in the circle -3.09
Clearance with Test::Unit 0.00
Rake uninitialized constant RDoc::RDoc 0.00
How to write this linq query? -0.54
F# explicit match vs function syntax -0.42
Group by with tuples in F# -1.18
Is the 5 Why analysis a better better approach to find root cause o... +3.85
Can a class return an object of itself -3.10
How much time do you spend in production troubleshooting -1.90
Why is vector array doubled? -3.95
Detecting File Compression -1.18
Reading window or tab URL bar +4.29
Helper class to wrap the Session for MVC.NET Web development? 0.00
C# program with WinRAR -1.46
exposing or hiding objects of dependencies? -0.91
detect multiple accounts -1.53
First must-program projects as a hobby -1.04
First must-program projects as a hobby +3.63
Taking altitude into account when calculating geodesic distance -1.40
Converting an empty string into nil in Ruby 0.00
Recommended Web Based Time/Task Management Solution For Personal Use? +0.10
Am I immoral for using a variable name that differs from its type o... 0.00
Is there a utility to create VB.NET classes from an XSD file? -2.71