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1602.62 (1,582nd)
104,664 (772nd)
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Title Δ
POD struct (members of same type): are members in contiguous memory... 0.00
The scalar type additionnal in C++ 0.00
Appending an existing shared_ptr to a vector of shared_ptr 0.00
Can global auto variables be declared in h files? 0.00
Copy elision with std::mutex 0.00
c++: Is `this == nullptr` safe in member functions? 0.00
Does char* with text automatically reserves memory as if malloc is... 0.00
Print "cout" before cin? 0.00
Race condition when incrementing and decrementing global variable i... 0.00
Size of a derived class without any additional data-members 0.00
Avoid null pointers while accessing objects in a tree hierarchy of... 0.00
Avoid constructor with empty base class with virtual method 0.00
Why does "Using Uninitialized memory 'guess'" occ... 0.00
How to initialize string in Class in c++ (g++ ) 0.00
Modify a pointer if it's NULL in C++ 0.00
If the stack grows at numerically lower address why does pointer co... 0.00
why does static_assert doesn't work inside memberfunctions with... 0.00
Use unique_ptr<std::vector> in combination with c-style arrays 0.00
Why parentheses are required for reference to array in function par... 0.00
Where to put using directives in C++ header files -0.23
pointer to vector and Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable '... 0.00
What does the square bracket mean in "map <string, int>... 0.00
Initializing map with greater comparator +0.10
Casting an arbitrary integer to void* +1.82
Is it Undefined Behavior to pass two different const character stri... +0.36
[conv.integral]/3 in the the latest C++ draft 0.00
Why I can not delete the following pointer? +0.36
Can you return range based views from functions in c++2a? +2.87
Should an STL container avoid copying elements into themselves when... +1.37
Why I can bind lvalue to universal references only when it has temp... +0.38
Is it possible to return a double with scientific notation in C++? -0.13
Concatenating C++ source files using the preprocessor without stand... 0.00
std::copy behavior and pointer arithmetic -1.73
What does "0b" and "0x" stand for when assignin... -0.44
Is there a better way to add two smart pointers? -0.79
Using std::optional in a C++11 context 0.00
Does the C++ standard guarantee that std::string::resize(new_size)... -0.92
How to return multiple values (vector and one int value) through fu... +1.09
Writing a simple C++ thread safe logging lib, how to make thread sa... -0.81
Does C++20 mandate source code being stored in files? -2.65
How to use getters and setters without generating a copy? -1.51
Meaning of "#include <path/to/header>" directive (l... +1.49
String comparison giving different output when used with variable +0.36
array of unknown size as class member for making objects of array a... +0.10
How to match a string to regex based on a certain index? -0.55
How to convert a char * starting with "\0" to unsigned int? 0.00
Assignment to array in C++17 0.00
How the delete and delete[] works internally? 0.00
Why "delete" can be used here? -0.12
What is the most efficient way of freeing the memory allocated to a... +0.41