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1581.19 (2,918th)
104,664 (689th)
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Title Δ
wstring data to const uint32_t* +1.86
At which point of destructor call the object ceases to exist? +0.39
Simplest way to pass a lambda as a method parameter in C++17 -0.67
Not deleting a static pointer (google style) 0.00
Is it guaranteed that std::char_traits<char>::to_int_type(c)... 0.00
Why does this c++ structure get padded? 0.00
Default struct initialisation in any case? 0.00
Calling virtual function from a class destructor in C++ -0.86
Finding the size of an array through pointers 0.00
Can a C++ interface inherit from a class with full implementation? 0.00
How do I implement adding and removing elements of an array? 0.00
How to call a one-time init function in a C++ file -2.46
Socket Programming, Casting sockaddr_in to sockaddr. Why? 0.00
How to remove the a vector element from unordered_map 0.00
C++ | temporary pointers lifetime +1.27
Why is a negative size_t underflowing but subtracting it does not? 0.00
Does std::cout has a maximum size to hold character? 0.00
How to use Macros in c++? +0.83
How to apply templates to multiple `std::array`s? -0.83
What makes a c++ function void-type vs non-void type? 0.00
Finding keys near other keys [C++] 0.00
When is it acceptable to define a function in a header file? 0.00
Why is it Legal to Change a const value using const_cast in C++ +2.25
Split vector into new smaller size vectors -1.43
What are the implications of calling vector::size / map::size in a... 0.00
Does C++ have a community for libs? -0.12
Difference between deque circular array and list implementation 0.00
Renaming variable yields different results -1.50
Use ranged algorithm on custom container 0.00
Memcpy unique_ptr to vector +2.13
Does initializing arrays have a significant effect on C++ performan... 0.00
how can i fix this operator overloading with the same class but dif... 0.00
C++: How to create a member unordered_map with values of pointers t... 0.00
How to make an unordered_map only work with predefined keys? +0.80
Order of includes with standard libraries and local headers -2.74
Making a typedef struct externally available in c++ -1.79
vector resize seems to require default constructor in C++ >= 11 -1.45
Why isn't every algorithm O(1)? +1.41
Why is the copy constructor called after the simple constructor is... 0.00
Remove duplicate elements from std::vector but starting from the fr... -2.19
Implicit conversions in C++ addition 0.00
How can I remove the BOM from a UTF-16 LE file in C++? 0.00
C++ What would be the best way to set a maximum number for an integ... +1.27
How to store the address that a pointer points to to another pointer? 0.00
Is there only one static variable between processes or each has its... 0.00
If * means pointing to the adress of a variable, why is e.g (int*)v... -0.93
Correctly passing an object to pthread_create() using void* +2.45
Why are parameters promoted when it comes to a variadic function? -0.10
Avoid destruction of an object in c++ -0.12
How to declare a multidimensional array member in a C++ class or st... +1.50