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1601.07 (1,588th)
85,447 (872nd)
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Title Δ
Why do I get different pointer values after an assignment? 0.00
Is 2D array (T[N][M]) traversal by pointer (T*) guaranteed to work? 0.00
How to safely release resources allocated by constructor? 0.00
Do functions that return pointers require that I delete the value t... 0.00
Why do compilers behave differently when static_cast(ing) a functio... 0.00
Is there any way by which a process P2 can access the local variabl... -2.11
Printing out content of class pointer from within a vector containe... -0.13
is it possible for the same unchanged code to sometimes run and som... 0.00
Should I always use `T&&` instead of `const T&` or `T&a... -0.37
Fail to delete a pointer -2.03
error: cannot convert ‘float’ to ‘float*’ for argument 0.00
What does it actually mean to declare a pointer to an object in C++? +1.40
Get character array address then convert to pointer char +0.34
Memory leaking with memory allocation +0.35
Constructor of objects in heap array 0.00
Pointer to reference: changing the orignal value 0.00
hash<std::string> vs hash<std::string_view> +2.73
error: control reaches end of non-void function [-Werror=return-type] 0.00
Can I pass 0 to a function expecting a vector type parameter? -1.62
What's the fastest way to reinitialize a vector? -1.97
Simple Read Write Lock 0.00
Declare of global variables using Static and avoiding Singleton Pat... 0.00
Cost of namespaces +1.60
How to get rid of -Wpointer-arith +0.35
Can "sort" function inside of <algorithm> be used t... +0.50
Different addresses of a pointer and an array in a union 0.00
Static data member initialization in the class definition? 0.00
Can I define an instance of a class in the preproccesor in c++? 0.00
Passing a reference to lambda by reference 0.00
Which integer type can be safely and portably used to always hold a... +0.36
I'm having some difficulty understanding [basic.scope.pdecl]/7 -1.51
Why isn't a reverse iterator a formal iterator category accordi... -1.26
How to iterate through shared_ptr vector 0.00
How can I have templated friends? 0.00
should the destructor be called with placement new even on the same... -0.48
invalid argument type with const char* and char* +0.35
Getting a substring from a std::string with iterators +0.88
C++ : Converting String to Double +0.35
How is the copy constructor being invoked from derived class copy c... +0.36
std::vector sort() on Linux? -2.04
Why does hoisting a string outside a loop result in slower performa... 0.00
Shared resource in base class 0.00
gcc warning "does not declare anything -0.03
Using sstream parser integer in a char array -0.11
C++ : Assigning empty object to an existing object +1.05
Construct pair of unique_ptr<int> and int 0.00
Error in that.vect.push_back(0) and that.vect.begin() in overloadin... +1.58
Storing and accessing different member functions in a table 0.00
Can std::function and inheritance coexist? 0.00
Store multiple functions into array C++ for looping -0.29