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Amir Kirsh

1484.08 (4,351,695th)
1,368 (117,438th)
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Title Δ
Assigning object to an object of different class 0.00
unique_ptr for non-polymorphic derived class with C++20 destroying... 0.00
Using smart pointers to keep track of data members that may be dele... 0.00
conversion from 'unsigned int' to 'int' requires a... 0.00
Use of lambda expression in C++ ternary operator : error type misma... 0.00
What purpose to use "!!" inside the if statement 0.00
Need for std::decay in noexcept operator? 0.00
Why does std::tuple break small-size struct calling convention opti... 0.00
Multi-dimension array template with dimension deduction 0.00
Move constructor vs Copy elision 0.00
Java problem : No enclosing instance of type EmployeeTest is access... 0.00
Initializing an array in a object in C++ 0.00
String to character 0.00
Checking if a character occurs at least N times in the string. Any... 0.00
C++ instance of same class 0.00
How do I call a function from a given class in a different class 0.00
Class Template Argument Deduction for template dependent parameter 0.00
A friend abbreviated template function - clang and gcc differ 0.00
Can lambdas be used as non-type template parameter? +0.50
Operation of push_back on an element of Vector (C++) +2.43
How to get function parameters except the first one? +1.69
How to pass a variable template as template argument 0.00
Char, unsigned char and signed char as char& -2.92
C++ - No matching member function for call to 'push_back' +0.53
Right way to define pointer to the string array(C++)? +4.30
Enhanced for loop with std::move_iterator +0.29
Chrono timer in C++ to double 0.00
Using concepts for checking if a type T has a field F 0.00
Using concepts for function overload resolution (instead of SFINAE) 0.00
Wildcard for C++ concepts saying "accepting anything for this... 0.00
Implementing a concept for Pair with C++20 concepts -0.39
Implementing a concept for Pair with C++20 concepts +2.28
JPQL multiple joins and collections 0.00
Merge json array using using common entry +1.60
template template variadic parameter pack 0.00
Stack allocation of object with virtual function leads to unexpeted... 0.00
template class default type and condition -1.28
Overloading based on bool template parameter -2.19
Error while deploying spring boot application on Weblogic server 0.00
Is this what java can do and c can't? +2.17
Can Java enum class set default value -4.47
C++ does it lead to double free when destroy element in allocator&l... +1.11
How to read binary representation of uint8_t as a number 0.00
How to check if a class is fully compliant with a given set of trai... +0.65
What class design will be change in case of promotion of roles in e... +1.39
Overloading the nothrow Version of new and delete 0.00
Is it possible to collect all explicitly instantiated types of one... 0.00
Order of calling virtual destructors in C++ -1.93
How to create a variant of re-sizeable and fixed size containers 0.00
How to store object of different class types into one container in... -3.34