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Rating Stats for

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams

1612.30 (1,333rd)
756,270 (22nd)
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Title Δ
dlltool equivalent in linux 0.00
base 64 ( GNU/Linux vs python ) 0.00
bytearray: How to split HEX digits and preserve type 0.00
Bytewise grep fails for some byte values 0.00
Look for big files not in the .git directory +0.35
URL pattern python Django -0.66
Bash. awk last column with possible spaces +1.33
How to generate and write all Unicode characters in Python? 0.00
converting hex string to ascii 0.00
How to decode hex values from a string in python +1.36
Does Linux Pipe command needs a process to execute? -0.15
Unicode/Mini Letters above other Character? 0.00
Python - How does the index in the __next__() method work? -0.63
Dictionary Truth Value Testing -0.42
call bash script with arguments in python 0.00
Declare "MUL key" field in python. (django framework) -0.25
Python order of operations involving "in" and "==&qu... 0.00
Why `sizeof var` does not show true size? 0.00
QR code doesnt read " + " symbol -0.16
How to decode this wierd encoding in python? 0.00
unable to compile with library 0.00
Why is python adding a prefix /home/user to the PYTHONPATH variable... 0.00
Error with python packages 0.00
python3 bytes construct adding spurrious bytes 0.00
What is the -m option passed to bash when invoking the hassio_insta... -1.62
What does `select` the same table as `from` mean? +1.69
Can You Assign Variables to Underscore In Django +0.34
Using re.match() to find a string starting with two possible letters -0.63
Bash replace string -2.01
Why do I keep getting % at the end of my script +0.36
passing a tuple in function -1.77
Generate md5 hash of JSON and compare in Python and JavaScript 0.00
Call a built-in function with a string in Python +1.06
XPath taking text with hyperlinks (Python) -0.64
How to search a string in a html file? 0.00
Python str() vs. '' - which is preferred -0.39
Difference between [[ -n $VAR ]] and [[ $VAR ]] in Bash 0.00
PHP Bitwise XOR vs. JavaScript Bitwise XOR 0.00
How to alter many variables at once if they meet condition in Bash +0.34
How to inherit and extend class attributes in Python +0.07
how to rename an exit but unknown zip type file to a zip file that... 0.00
Can I "reuse" a character in the next group of a regular... +2.69
Avoiding None in f-string -1.61
Import sequences in Python 3.7 +0.34
How can I use regexes to split strings by multiple delimiters, with... +0.35
List files with ls -1 containing specific string AND ignoring speci... +0.29
Decode a ASCII string with Python 2.7.10 -2.49
Is it necessary and best practice to reassign a variable to cast it... 0.00
Fixing *.sh error line 5: [: missing `]' with spacing around br... 0.00
Trouble displaying signed unsigned bytes with python 0.00