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Frank van Puffelen

1599.70 (1,790th)
530,542 (50th)
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Title Δ
Get Timestamp from Firestore databse 0.00
Firestore new document inside writebatch 0.00
Call a specific item out of all the user of a firebase realtime dat... 0.00
Unable to add a Record into Firebase upon creating User in React Na... 0.00
The expression doesn't evaluate to a function, so it can't... 0.00
How to set Firebase rules for anonymous users to only read and writ... 0.00
firebase Real-Time Database to List View? 0.00
Is that possible to add another platform auth in firebase default a... 0.00
Firebase deploy: Missing expected firebase config value databaseURL +0.37
Firebase Cloud Functions - snapshot.forEach(...).then is not a func... 0.00
send data to firebase with flutter 0.00
Firebase: How to update and get same document within one query? 0.00
how can I set my document id as user uid in cloud fire store? +0.38
Firebase Functions iOS: Response Was Not a Dictionary 0.00
Class 'String' has no instance method 'map' 0.00
Saving Google Maps marker into Firebase db to be deleted later 0.00
How much does Firebase Realtime Database and Storage location affec... 0.00
Why don't i have unlimited firebase resources in development? 0.00
Firebase Realtime Database Issue when trying to add item to the dat... 0.00
What's the proper way to return a promise in this triggered Clo... 0.00
How to set up firebase FCM with Admin SDK for database triggers 0.00
Anonymous Firebase sign in method not working 0.00
How to check if email is verified in Firebase using a parameter? 0.00
Setting up Firebase. Can't find databaseURL 0.00
Firestore search array-contains-any for multiple values 0.00
Why Firebase-Email-Verification doesn't work? +0.36
is it possible to link firebase auth to the real-time Database +0.36
'firebase_admin.db' has no attribute 'child' 0.00
How to test Delete in Firebase Realtime Database Rules Playground 0.00
Exception: Bad state: cannot get a field on a DocumentSnapshotPlatf... 0.00
how to know if the registration was successful 0.00
How do I listen to email verification event with firebase authentic... +0.93
Firebase POST to Realtime Database adding an extra section +1.23
Limiting how often a particular user can get data from collection 0.00
Automatically verify a user email when connecting using an AuthProv... 0.00
How to set Firebase Database URL (Unity) 0.00
What are the solutions Firebase offers to reduce cost for Realtime... 0.00
ErrorType: database is not a function Firebase 0.00
Adding user to a single app within a firebase project 0.00
Peaks in Load of Firebase RT Database cause my applications to slow... 0.00
Is there anyway you can sort by keys to use atStart and atEnd for F... 0.00
Getting all collections data from Firebase in the right way 0.00
Run multiple firestore batch.commit() +0.37
Avoid obtaining null currentData at first reading in a Firebase tra... 0.00
Friends relationship data models in cloud firestore 0.00
Can I reuse a URL from a deleted project? 0.00
Multiple Realtime database calls through the onResume() Fragment li... 0.00
Firebase WebApp with Google SignIn only with specific domains and s... 0.00
What happens if my image is greater than maxSize for Firebase Stora... 0.00
Return value of updateEmail() - firebase 0.00