An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1508.47 (80,336th)
20,096 (6,772nd)
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Title Δ
JavaScript OOP Object.create(); +1.12
Differentiating between strings using javascript regular expression? +2.07
AngularJS - inject trusted code from loaded content 0.00
iterating the list in JSTL +0.38
How do you link to the options page in a chrome extension? +4.04
Comparison of methods to create a toolchain: JS modules / loader /... -0.09
Javascript/Java HTML template/data-binding library 0.00
JavaScript Comparision fails, when retrieving the values from the S... +4.02
Javascript in master page not firing -1.89
How to open new tab in Chrome Extensions (Manifest v2) 0.00
How do I add a text input to a Samsung Smart TV app? 0.00
Variable name getting added instead of its value, javascript -2.65
How can I do a full text search in CQ5 for content modified in the... 0.00
How to use MONGODB with JSP +0.08
Chrome javascript issue with table rows -0.13
JSP Parsing url and matching key words -1.66
.split() not working as expected in IE8 +3.71
Adding event listeners to metro style grid application? 0.00
IE8 setTimeout with Anonymous function -3.95
Use of width and min-width -1.40
Creating a Floating Widget that moves as the page scrolls +1.99
What does `new` in JavaScript do, anyway? -2.31
Textarea set HTML Value +2.00
How to get String array from controller using @ResponseBody? -2.92
How can I access JavaScript function argument outside the function? -1.50
Deleting child nodes of a div node +2.31
Ignoring certain child elements in jQuery 0.00
Find JQuery cache hit/miss from CDN -1.75
Geting contents of javascript loaded in browser -0.10
How is internationalization configured for Hogan.js? 0.00
A Complete HTML App source code for Samsung Smart TV App 0.00
How to get name of File object without its extension in Java? +2.67
Raphael.js gradient in stroke 0.00
Watermark text for Password Field 0.00
Is it possible to get null from getString using JSONLib -4.54
HTTP Archive Specification 0.00
How to calculate the height and width of an isometric rectangle/squ... -2.23
how to parse a JSON string into JsonNode in Jackson? 0.00
JSLint - ignore sections of code 0.00
Does event delegation work with webdriver in firefox? 0.00
Easy to get a test file into JUnit 0.00
Is there an event dispatched when a series is added to a chart in f... -0.18
Can greasemonkey delete cookies from a given domain? 0.00
How to check if element has any children in Javascript? -3.50
convert string into datetime format in Javascript +4.12
Hide ColumnSeries in Flex Chart 0.00
Is there a way to set the minHeight of the scroll bar thumb in Flex 3 0.00
IntelliJ IDEA: Move line? 0.00
How to isolate unsecure JavaScript code -2.13
How should page and author information be displayed in the sourceco... +3.84