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Guillaume Racicot

1564.12 (4,895th)
14,934 (9,432nd)
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Title Δ
CMake Project structure: When to use add_library/target_link_librar... 0.00
Boost awaitable: how to await on async operation inside post 0.00
Boost awaitable: write into a socket and await particular response 0.00
How to apply templates to multiple `std::array`s? +2.34
Type casting objects without pointers +0.16
What should be the return type of the following function template w... -1.01
enable_if not triggering in the constructor? 0.00
How can I use OpenCV without running 'make install'? 0.00
Visual Studio compiler error: a call to a delegating constructor sh... +1.74
even though i passed to lambda capture through move semantic, but i... 0.00
Can I re-use a complex class like std::vector after std::move? 0.00
Why my factory pattern return error while compiling? +0.41
How to enforce type in function params and avoid implicit conversion? +0.96
Most efficient way to compare all collision boxes? 0.00
Write templated recursive integration method that accepts generic n... 0.00
Two-Step Compile for C++ Modules? 0.00
KDevelop semantic analyser getting crazy with std::variant. How to... 0.00
Having class inherit all operators of template type 0.00
CMAKE creating an additional directory in the build file 0.00
auto return type for a C++ member function of a template class -1.44
How to use Caffe library in C++ project with CMakeLists.txt -0.59
Move capture of parameter in lambda 0.00
Why in particular should I rather pass a std::span than a std::vect... +0.42
Why are C++ unit tests failing with die program 0.00
Why this code works (C++ template class with invalid non-template f... -1.83
C++::Access to more than one private members using templates trick 0.00
make failed after successful CMake run 0.00
C++: does std::invoke need perfect forwarding? 0.00
Can I initialize a constant integer with a L-value? +1.83
Difference observed between MSVC14.1 and gcc8.3 when a destructor c... -0.82
Why does is_invocable work differently with reference parameters? +0.91
Linking two separate cmake projects where one is dependant on the o... +1.54
std::function to C-style function pointer +1.95
Is std::move overkill in this situation? 0.00
My global function cannot access the private data member, even afte... 0.00
Is it allowed to return a moved object as a const lvalue reference? +0.46
Beside concepts are there any other void_t replacements in C++20? 0.00
Is it ok to have Interface with void* as arguments? what is a bette... 0.00
Trying to figure out how c++ manages memory with objects +1.10
Why can I use CMake supplied modules (CMakeDependentOption.cmake sp... 0.00
Use base class interface in templates 0.00
function redefinition: const parameter +0.53
How do I create a destroyable threadsafe singleton C++? 0.00
create two pointers for template class and work with current select... 0.00
When to return from a function? -0.73
Why does constraining auto with an integral type render it uninvoca... 0.00
Any way to initialize this variable based on class template type? +3.03
std::function as a friend of the class -1.45
Why are my two tuples containing strings, created the same way, not... +0.45
How to link and compile a C++ project for Linux using CMake? (Adapt... +1.74