An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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HostileFork says dont trust SE

1561.05 (5,411th)
25,647 (4,979th)
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Title Δ
Can I create widgets on a non-GUI thread, then send to the GUI? -0.42
How to force linkage to older libc `fcntl` instead of `fcntl64`? -2.31
SQLDescribeCol() returns SQL_VARCHAR for BINARY, BLOB, WCHAR, DECIMAL 0.00
myodbc-installer lists data sources, but iodbctest shows no DSNs 0.00
"Unable to find component name" on myodbc-installer of dr... 0.00
GDB Permissions 0.00
Rebol: how to split a string into characters +0.57
Differences between Red's 5 function types, and why does it dis... -0.08
Detecting "returned promise only" status of an async func... 0.00
height: 100% foils flexbox "stick scrollbar to bottom unless m... +0.34
Why is assigning a value to a bit field not giving the same value b... +1.05
Why can't functions change vectors when they can change arrays? 0.00
Subsetting char array without copying it in C++ -1.12
Aligning columns in ls 0.00
Datatype misalignment exception win32 example -0.94
Difference between using non-virtual base class functions versus de... -1.04
Parallel solving in Z3 +1.65
boost::date_time error while building MongoDB: winapi is not member 0.00
Program that uses scanf to assign time to each value in array (C) 0.00
The purpose of wrapping a pointer in struct in C 0.00
Ctrl + z: why it resets count in C program that counts key strokes 0.00
Using Resource File with PrivateFontCollection 0.00
C++ Thor library - problem with using resource loader class ( '... 0.00
Merging duplicates in different lines of a text file 0.00
How to dynamically increase the size of a SharedArrayBuffer 0.00
Is it all right to create a QStatemachine object before QApplicatio... 0.00
"decrypt error" of TLS 1.2 change-cipher-spec, but reads... +0.37
implementing strcat without changing the inputs +0.41
undefined reference with <fstream> commands 0.00
In Rebol PARSE, how to check for begin of input? +1.02
Implementing a generic collection for a Stack 0.00
Up-to-Date check claims build input "is missing" when the... 0.00
Is there a recommended "safe" way to specify a bit-chord... +0.17
Non-emterpreted calls during emscripten_sleep_with_yield() 0.00
new-line exists in rebol / red for block what about tabs? 0.00
compose and compose/deep for parse rule in red? +1.04
Taking ownership of streambuf/stringbuf data +0.93
Rebol/Red parse: how to copy between 2 marks +1.67
What's the inverse of block: load text in rebol / red 0.00
For loop in batch file dies calling Windows conversion tool 0.00
Setting persistent environment variables between multiple `call`s i... 0.00
QDockWidget splitter jumps when QMainWindow Resized 0.00
Rebol calc-workdays not working on Red 0.00
Is it possible in Red to test value? for a variable inside a contex... +0.81
Rebol: Dynamic binding of block words 0.00
red parsing and replacing double % with <> doesn't work +0.70
Is it possible to create LOCAL variable dynamically in rebol / red? -1.66
rebol/red: Is there an elegant way to know if it is last item in fo... +1.69
What's the equivalent of Python's list[3:7] in REBOL or Red? +1.67
How to print a double quote symbol in Red language 0.00