An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1553.02 (7,111th)
9,716 (15,770th)
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Title Δ
Javascript countdown code 0.00
Countdown timer that responds to my commands -0.59
add HTTP to url 0.00
What is Wrong with my Array -0.03
Js, document.getElementById("ID").innerHTML, error -0.79
Javascript If statements -2.02
How do I bind Javascript events to dynamic classes +0.45
Javascript change drop-down box options based on another drop-down... +0.41
Clone last column and add it to the same table - jquery -0.28
How to pass an event handler in a closure scope 0.00
Load Data Local Infile with password_hash 0.00
JavaScript Time Zone Offset does not match Windows Offset 0.00
Set an initial value for a Javascript Count Down Timer -0.09
PHP destruct function show an error? +1.96
Generating divs each with random class from the array +0.90
using jquery and html form to show range value 0.00
Stop and Reset Harvest's Tick Counter jQuery Plugin +1.92
Read a Jquery Data from File +1.42
jQuery Problems with removing event handler with .off() +1.45
Installing Packages from Multiple Servers from One or More Requirem... 0.00
Javascript, simplifying object transformation -0.56
Image Swap in Javascript? 0.00
Can I assign a variable a value within a callback function in javas... 0.00
Override Jquery's function -1.23
Memory exhausted using an array in a nested loop +1.72
Get val of input of any variable with jQuery -0.25
move_uploaded_file not uploading image +0.42
jQuery - Parse DOM and create a tree structure (composite pattern) -0.93
responseText from $.get in jquery 0.00
Endless function calls in javascript +0.43
Pass string to JavaScript function results in undefined +0.42
JavaScript: css toggle switch to dark mode 0.00
Is a deserialised object the same instance as the original -0.31
JavaScript: unexpected output by console.log('str' + int +... +3.14
php Form with jquery validation issue +1.50
modifying copy of javascript object is causing original object to c... +1.50
How to override inline style dynamically? +0.31
Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of null on slider +1.09
Javascript: How to get the value of a function? -0.06
event.stopPropagation() is not working in jQuery event handler +0.42
PHP: Grouping csv lines when a specific value is equal +0.45
onclicking button only the last post changes 0.00
Getting NaN from JavaScript function trying to get same data more t... +1.63
HttpPost form submission error +0.43
ajax form submit for more than one values and get response -0.07
counting frequency in one column...and working with mu... -1.12 event handler is not executing 0.00
Using GET Method with AJAX 0.00
InnerHTML Append Item instead of Replace +1.94
What is the shortest way to simply sort an array of structs by (arb... -1.49