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1489.68 (4,297,552nd)
15,893 (8,792nd)
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Title Δ
How to understand what kind of character is the word start with -0.22
memory exhausted on line 2860 with (if else) -1.98
How can I isolate the penultimate value in a list, so that I can pr... +1.11
Understanding `Namespaces` +1.94
Trouble with PHP date() - remaining days in month -1.59
Create php DateTime object from unix timestamp, set timezone in one... +0.48
How can I tell if a string represents a valid date time format? +0.52
How to add backslash next to php magic constants? -0.49
Symfony3 Doctrine working with timezones 0.00
How to convert from timezone name to timezone offset and vice versa... 0.00
how can i find the following string date format:"Monday on or... +0.50
DateTime compare two dates +0.50
Adding hours to current date working in local but not working on do... 0.00
Get yesterday date in php using existing date variable -0.30
date_sun_info() for a specific calendar date 0.00
How to loop through weeks in different year +2.26
Getting Total seconds from DateTime php -0.48
Get dates for specific weekdays -0.24
Trello Card - Label Color, PHP 0.00
What create_from_format to use for timestamps in php -1.91
owncloud: change or access URL of shared folder 0.00
Why does Zend Studio fail to bring up auto-complete menu on objects... 0.00
Php Info shows Incorrect Default timezone as UTC 0.00
php date->diff() returning nonsensical amounts -1.01
Set the first week of specific year PHP +0.50
How can I split two datetime into one range? -0.51
assigining new key value pair to stdclass object in foreach php 0.00
Any way to use key in Iterator (php)? 0.00
Deobfuscate PHP code (recursive) 0.00
PHP substitute, "If $something = "0" then $something... -0.29
convert concatenated date and time to datetime in php -0.05
PHP : How do I add a week without using the strtotime function? +0.25
Running a simple PHP script without a web server on Linux (Centos/U... 0.00
Initializing/Assigning class member variables to other class member... 0.00
How to get a full span of the start and end of a week +0.00
Date Check Amount of Time Passed -1.40
How to tell if a comma delimited list of numbers obeys the natural... +1.08
Comparing two .txt files in PHP (~1MB) +0.14
PHP - DateTime->add not working. Says DateInterval format is wrong 0.00
strtotime return false while converting date string -0.74
filter_var boolean returning false 0.00
In date_sun_info() what is Transit 0.00
PHP time() to Date/Time returning strange results 0.00
PHP have result different timezone two datetime -1.72
Subtract data php -0.49
PHP DateTime - Make from YEAR, WEEK and WEEKDAY +0.51
More efficient way to set a variable? -0.26
php seek from end and add data 0.00
Levenshtein distance on diacritic characters +0.43
How do I make member_id available for display? 0.00