An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.98 (4,384,802nd)
368 (342,926th)
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Title Δ
Making it less painful to debug heavily subclassed objects in Xcode? 0.00
How to manipulate mathematical symbols? -3.33
how to distinguish readable UTF-8 string from binary gibberish? -3.79
Why use multibyte string functions in PHP? -1.37
Ruby 1.8 Iconv UTF-16 to UTF-8 fails with "\000" (Iconv::... -2.64
Scaling SVG (Raphael.js) like an SWF 0.00
How to speed up memory allocation for 2D triangular matrix in c++? -4.09
Raphael js text positioning: centering text in a circle 0.00
Efficient Algorithm for comparing only the lists that have been upd... -0.61
How to write wav file with 32-bit float data? 0.00
Properly handling platform specifics (unix/windows) in C? -0.67
C - Serialization of the floating point numbers (floats, doubles) -2.51
Examples of vulnerable PHP code? -2.51
Preferred Javascript editor for Mac? -3.51
Essential Math for excelling as a Programmer? 0.00
What is the coolest AI project you've heard of? 0.00
Is programming a subset of math? 0.00
How do I fix "for loop initial declaration used outside C99 mo... 0.00