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1478.31 (4,376,381st)
15,499 (9,034th)
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Title Δ
why return and throw keywords are not allowed in static block +0.16
Concise way to get both min and max value of Java 8 stream +1.32
Can't understand example of volatile in Java specification -0.30
Java Interface with generics shall accept subclass as typeargument +2.98
Why is lockStatic volatile in android? 0.00
Thread Safe get method in ConcurrentHashMap -0.05
Exception handling with Consumer functions in Java 8 -1.09
Java: Safe to "leak" this-reference in constructor for fi... 0.00
What are valid reordering for Java synchronized? 0.00
POST request to a REST server -0.82
Mutex with priority in JAVA +0.53
Does Collections.unmodifiableList(list) require a lock? -0.73
Why java doesn't allow final class to be inherited? -0.49
Are Immutable objects immune to improper publication? +2.41
Java, wait and notifyAll: guard against spurious wakeups +0.57
Is there an easy way to implement a proxys HTTP requests and transl... +0.04
IntelliJ: Search for Checked exceptions, declared in method signatu... -1.25
How to compare two Streams in Java 8 +2.69
Java Void type - possible/allowed values? -1.14
Where in the JLS is the explanation for it to be legal the assignme... -1.25
Java SSL truststore seems to be accessible without specifying passw... 0.00
Java multiple interfaces and reflection +0.62
Should Comparable ever compare to another type? -1.61
Weird Java compiler error (Error:(65, 23) java: incompatible types:... 0.00
Can System.exit() return without terminating the JVM? -1.36
Generic type in interface method Java -1.99
Why does eclipse say that null is a primitive type? +1.70
Is it possible to send custom data with WebSocket handshake? 0.00
Two Constructors with int and long params in same class +0.62
Implementing multiple instances of the same generic Java interface... -0.22
Does my solution satisfy mutual exclusion requirements? -0.22
Difference between downcasting Class vs downcasting Interface in Ja... -0.47
java.util.function.BiConsumer<R,R>) is not applicable (cannot... +0.89
Java If/Else Multiple Conditions 0.00
Stuck Trying to Abstract Something, am I attempting to over simplify? +0.18
Consumer(s)-Producer issue in webserver streaming an array of data -2.07
How do I write lambda expression which rethrows checked exception w... -0.47
Trying to calculate sunrise...ain't getting the right answer 0.00
What would I synchronize on here? +2.33
java thread safety between multiple variables +0.17
My web application stop working after JSESSIONID appear in URL 0.00
Difference in lambda performances? +2.53
Java Ternary Operator seems to be inconsistantly casting Integers t... -1.01
Functional reference to Object.clone() doesn't compile 0.00
Unable to pass inner class of a generic subclass using bounded wild... +0.49
Is putting business logic inside listener/executer classes a bad pr... +1.71
bad return type in lambda expression +2.19
Sorting a collection in a generic method in Java 8 -0.33
Generification of the interface causes compile-error -1.93
Trying to constrain to the upperbound of the Number class without i... -1.48