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1460.22 (4,528,541st)
2,574 (65,559th)
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Title Δ
Ruby on Rails invalid date error when parsing datetime string to co... -0.78
(Rails 4) How to make nested named routes -0.46
Ruby on Rails - send_file is not working 0.00
Any options other than Faye for a real-time activity feed? 0.00
Creating dynamic drop-down list boxes in Rails but data not from th... 0.00
How to use "devise" gem in mongodb with rails 4 version? 0.00
Difference between attributes and base_attributes in Ruby? 0.00
How do I build a Rails form using inheritance and nested attributes? 0.00
Error running Rails s app on OSX 10.9 Mavericks Bug Crash Report 0.00
Send a jQuery array of ids to Rails 4 0.00
Fragment caching Jbuilder using Dalli on Heroku +0.12
Rails 4 form builder with comprehensive support for Twitter Bootstr... -3.62
Wrong number of arguments when calling .all on record which has enu... 0.00
Impossible to see CKeditor in production 0.00
How can I see raw mongoDB queries with Mongoid 0.00
Is it possible to define composite primary key for table using acti... -3.61
Rails: Shallow route name with custom behaviour -3.92
devise forgot password email not received -3.72
Exchange data between Rails Engines +0.24
rails ajax form action re-write route error 0.00
Where is rake 10.0.4 coming from? -3.75
conditional statements in SimpleForm +0.20
Using two twitter applications with Oauth so I can have two separat... 0.00
How to validate password strength with Devise in Ruby on Rails? 0.00
Connection failed for google open_id using omniauth 0.00
Unicorn + Rack Lint Error - content header -3.85
Rails 3 - Building a nested resource within another nested resource... +0.19
How do I iterate through Associations in Rails? +4.24
What's the point of migration column options? 0.00
RubyGem railties cannot be found after running "git push herok... -3.77
What does the "bad URI(absolute but no path): http://" er... -0.26
Rails 3 Finding the right :id in a controller using a specific route +0.24
What tools to use for a website with lots of "realtime" p... -3.75
Scanning text to find domain types -3.86
Premature end of script headers -- Rails +0.16
Use proxy or Tor within Heroku rails app to hide IP 0.00
Does issuing a new Github OAUTH token expire all previous ones? 0.00
'Nesting too deep' error while retrieving JSON using HTTParty 0.00
Working Capistrano recipe for uploading precompiled Rails 3.1 asset... -2.72
Ruby/Rails: accessing a variable inside a .each on my instance vari... 0.00
What's the most secure possible Devise configuration? 0.00
Problem with creating form for the element's child in the ".ea... +4.20
Replacing Rails date_select with JQuery UI -3.89
Is there a better version of something like acts_as_paranoid for Ra... 0.00
Heroku app crashed, receiving "Invalid DATABASE URL" when... 0.00
I'd like @report_for to stick around for an entire session 0.00
How do I use form helpers in the mailer in rails 3? 0.00
Scoping email to subdomain in devise rails -3.96
Devise - Confirming after the user edits email -3.20
Multiple authentication schemes with Devise and Rails 3 0.00