An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1698.81 (147th)
232,590 (185th)
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Title Δ
Bind TagHelper to attribute starting with data- 0.00
outside of scope when use a service in Configure method? +1.81
disable the dependency injection scope validation feature in the Pr... 0.00
I just see project template blazorserver, Why I don't see proje... -1.66
strange behaviour in asp-route-* 0.00
ASP.NET Core Google Auth for multi-tenant apps with single callback... 0.00
Prevent IHttpClientFactory to create DI scope for handlers 0.00
What is the purpose of enclosing @RenderSection with @section in a... 0.00
Are exceptions an exception to the rule about not modifying the Res... 0.00
sort list of strings -an inner list in an outer list -1.88
Noob Issue with Activate.CreateInstance 0.00
IHttpContextAccessor contains empty User.Identity, when used outsid... +0.24
Http response headers parser fails when returning FileContentResult... 0.00
Net Core: Override WebApplicationFactory Services DbContext with In... 0.00
access appsetting from data layer without creating instantiation wi... 0.00
ValidationAttribute injecting services for unobtrusive client valid... 0.00
Is this the correct way to get context in xunit tests .NET Core? +1.82
How to use domain url with kestrel in Asp.Net core app? 0.00
Avoid using multiple time the same url in the appsettings +0.91
Could set two authentications for one Api ? Identity server4 0.00
Performance improvement, predicate system linq queries +0.23
TempData can only be accessed once? 0.00
Output of System.Drawing.Image Save is not the same as what fed int... 0.00
How can I split a list in two unique lists in Python? -0.90
GitHub markdown not rendering and git detecting changes when no cha... 0.00
Class type object as HttpGet 0.00
Performance difference between __add__ and + operator -2.62
Self hosted ASP.NET Core app does not work with SSL +0.82
How to hide and show content using *ngIf +0.22
Is the Queryable right way to getting elements from the service? 0.00
Using Identity Server inside an Xamarin app 0.00
services.AddSingleton<IConfiguration> purpose in .NET Core 0.00
How can I use session variables in a static method? 0.00
Is There A Universal Selector Option For Clauses? -2.78
Logging events from ASP.Net core identity with serilog 0.00
How to test a automatic ModelState's custom attribute method va... +1.34
Managing sessions for sub domains 0.00
Newtonsoft JsonConvert datetime format as JavascriptSerializer 0.00
ASP.NET Core Identity: How to redefine Forbid processing 0.00
singleton instance does not override and empty getter setter 0.00
Dotnet publish copies appsettings*.json only for Asp.Net (but not C... 0.00
How to override "OnActionExecuting" defined in the Startu... 0.00
Multiple application authentication using one login 0.00
How to fix several database contexts in asp scope 0.00
How should I serialize Datetime into a string in AspNetUserTokens t... 0.00
Accessing Configuration Properties for the Class Decorators in ASP.... 0.00
Problem with redirection to HttpWebResponse Uri with basic authenti... 0.00
Is ASP.NET Core Session implementation thread safe? 0.00
How can I connect to a SignalR hub using ASP.NET Core 2.1 +0.26
How to create a centralized provider of Expression<Func<T, ob... 0.00