An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1701.12 (130th)
100,497 (314th)
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Title Δ
Do `name~n` and `name@{n}` always refer to the same commit? -2.94
DI, resolve service implementations from the factory +0.99
How to start HostedService in MVC Core app without http request 0.00
How convert IConfigurationRoot or IConfigurationSection to JObject/... -1.00
How do I inject fake into DI container? 0.00
Stop SqlDependency in custom ASP.NET Core Configuration Provider 0.00
Is it OK settings location.href to force routing on the server-side? 0.00
Get ModelState outside of controller and ActionFilter +0.24
How does this for loop check every index number even though it says... 0.00
How to make a PATCH request to am API with ASP.NET Core 2.2? +0.85
.NET Core Serilog username is always null -0.27
Load Multiple js file after page load -0.87
Use repository with DbContext in ASP.NET Core Authorize-Attribute:... +0.30
Is ConcurrentDictionary.GetOrAdd truly thread-safe? 0.00
Map a 2nd level nested list property to first level list property w... 0.00
Dynamic navbar using _LoginPartial with .NET MVC 0.00
.Net Core Web API with Client Certificate Authentication -0.25
No service while customize a new User Context Identity 0.00
MySqlParameter type conflict when using Entity Framework with Pomelo 0.00
Python PUT requests, send int instead of string -0.01 mvc core dependency injection constructor parameter +0.90
JwtBearerHandler caches OpenIdConnectConfiguration 'forever' 0.00
Can't redirect the submit to an action 0.00
What namespace to use to get the View class? 0.00
Apply Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to ASP.NET Core site 0.00
TempData is always null in AspNetCore 2.1 0.00
vue js v-for input type with v-model -0.52
services.Configure<>() or services.AddSingleton().Get()? -0.84
What is the markdown syntax for .NET Core templating 0.00
Regarding git force push -1.82
.NET Core 2.x get connection string from appsettings.json in dbcont... 0.00
Authorisation Filter continues on when status code set .net core 2.1 0.00
How to resolve a generic type service from the DependencyInjection... 0.00
High execution time when a property of type PropertyInfo being set... 0.00
Redirect to a razor page without current route values 0.00
JwtBearerHandler with authorization header for discovery endpoint 0.00
What does it mean for a local git branch to be up to date with orig... +0.23
what am I doing wrong with this dotnet core debug setup? 0.00
Is IHostedService.StopAsync waiting for request threads? 0.00
why use asp-controller and asp-action if it is not compulsory 0.00
How to compose two images (using Source In composition)? 0.00
ASP .Net Core changing route on runtime +1.52
A suitable constructor could not be found for type filter 0.00
Is there anyway to bind an attribute when that attribute is already... 0.00
How to differentiate Databases in ASP.Net Core 2.1 Application base... 0.00
Parse to object with a route like ASP.NET MVC routing 0.00
Isolate Changes in EF Core 0.00
.Net Core 2 OpenID Connect Authentication and multiple Identities 0.00
How can I use Dependency Injection in a .Net Core ActionFilterAttri... +1.39
What does the CookieAuthenticationOptions.LogoutPath property do in... 0.00