An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1507.10 (108,861st)
750 (196,464th)
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Title Δ
c function not being called? +4.27
Checking if a shared memory exists and if it does access it 0.00
Malloc in array gives Segmentation fault -4.08
Stack around variable "struc" is corrupted +3.46
C : assign negative value to enum? -2.86
How to truncate a randomly generated float to 6 decimals? 0.00
How to make open() truncate an existing file +4.03
How to solve localtime_r timezone segmentation fault? -1.69
Shall external "C" enclose the declaration or definition... +0.88
Function Not Executing Properly -1.25
How to solve error undefined reference to private_aes() -0.19
Why is the -- operator not subtracting from the value when executed? -1.22
C - Getting numbers instead of string +1.82
Scanf for double not working in Dev C++ -2.63
Issue while using typedef in c program +1.03
use of pointer to pointer in pthread_join function +4.19
Change words order function "error" C +4.03
Split string at last specified occurence of "special" sig... +3.66
Compilation error in C on Linux +2.65
Getting segmentation fault:11 in C. Why? 0.00
How I can obtain a char * matrix? -2.22
Division gives wrong answear -2.36
for(;...) or while(...) flow control? +0.58
comparing float values with double resulting different behaviour -2.38
Safely get string input from user including spaces 0.00
C - Freeing dynamically allocated array of struct get 'Invalid... 0.00
Fundamentals of character scanning from user in C -3.93
remove() function in c giving an error? -0.06
Initialize the first elememt of the structure or the whole structure? +4.58
fread doesn't read multiple lines -0.16
Tranforming from char * to char[] -2.19
When is memory allocated to local variables in C -0.83