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Sourav Ghosh

1670.76 (314th)
115,331 (583rd)
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Title Δ
C : when asking for 2 inputs from a user the 2nd question will not... 0.00
Why does my function produces a Conflicting Types error? 0.00
What is difference in int* p and (int*) p in C 0.00
Array has incomplete element type. What does this mean? 0.00
Why can I modify a string literal with CLion? 0.00
strstr function and multi dimensional arrays in c 0.00
Why do we use malloc or calloc when we have a simpler code in c? 0.00
why the condition x!=15 is evaluating as true giving the output 1 0.00
how the output of cout<<4%-8; is 4? 0.00
Why strcat() causes causes segmentation fault in the fallowing code? 0.00
what does this line of code "#define LIBINJECTION_SQLI_TOKEN_S... 0.00
why does it show compiler error if i initialize the array whose siz... 0.00
I get an error "a problem caused the program to stop working c... 0.00
Dynamically inputting values in a structure and printing these values 0.00
printf statement inside the if condition 0.00
Why this code works when i is smaller but gives a segmentation faul... 0.00
syntax confusion with arrays and pointers 0.00
Assignment to expression with array type 0.00
Logical && operators 0.00
How to find the number of elements in an array? 0.00
what is the specific usecase for !! in C++ 0.00
C Programming: Using format specifiers 0.00
c pointer being passed to a function 0.00
Why one method of reading string in C using char* pointer works whi... 0.00
Why is the sizeof operator working differently for some expressions? 0.00
Char and Int printing two different values 0.00
What happens if a conditional isn't supplied to a For Loop? 0.00
How do I return a struct with dynamic multidimensional arrays in C? 0.00
local and global arrays and segmentation fault 0.00
Are there any substitutes for the gets() function in c99? 0.00
Understanding results with valgrind 0.00
malloc function return pointer to an array right? 0.00
Change variable name in C 0.00
How to print a large incompletely filled array only till last enter... 0.00
Simple but specific array compiling error (C) 0.00
Is there a quick way to get the last element that was put in an arr... 0.00
adress pointer cast to struct 0.00
What happens when we assign one int to an array of 2 ints? 0.00
Is it UB to compare (for equality) a void pointer with a typed poin... 0.00
Segmentation Error : Command Arguments (argv) 0.00
Could not understand C output 0.00
I don't understand why i get segmentation fault with a function... 0.00
Segmentation Fault in Array and Pointer in C 0.00
What can I use for taking integer input instead of scanf in C? 0.00
Is this a undefined behavior or not? 0.00
Are different pointers considered to be different data types? 0.00
What is the problem here in struct definition and compiler error? 0.00
Why does gcc throw an implicit-fallthrough warning? 0.00
Program should crash but it doesn't 0.00
getting column of array in C99? 0.00