An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1577.98 (3,119th)
26,695 (4,757th)
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Title Δ
Font percentage ratio -1.01
PHP Login Page Error -0.66
php how to deliver a variable value to another page? 0.00
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' -0.61
Bitwise Operators file function php -1.62
in CSS - how do you make this nav bar stretch across it's entire le... -0.24
Syntax error in my if else statement 0.00
Sending information by javascript into PHP +0.38
HTML PHP html php redirect same page with additional message +0.37
Variables within functions -1.28
Load Chrome extension outside of Chrome? 0.00
Types of Variables Python +1.52
Loop never seems to actually loop 0.00
How to covert decoded url to a PHP object? 0.00
HTML Showing 5 items in dropdown 0.00
Python SQL Error 0.00
Hackable sql query +0.25
How to access Json Data? -0.27
Why this result "-9 >> 2 = -3" +0.74
Splitted pages highlighting with php possible? 0.00
javascript array in array +1.09
CSS on Wrap Clear All 0.00
HTML Table does not use full screen +0.88
How would I go about creating a div that filled the whole screen, w... +0.39
Difference between -moz-linear-gradient and -webkit-gradient +0.38
How to implement dynamic database columns? 0.00
Add 2 years to date -0.72
Extract strings in a .txt file with javascript -0.31
Style all siblings after anchor on hover +0.52
if variable = 1 then checkbox = checked +1.65
jquery to display a div, where am I going wrong +0.83
need help converting time string to usable format +2.12
Making random numbers write on the page -0.61
I am trying to add nivo slider on my page but it is conflicting wit... 0.00
CSS nowrap for other than text elements? +0.38
jquery conditional operator for attr function -1.01
Why DROP TABLE and then re-CREATE TABLE? 0.00
php redirect after success -0.94
Footer CSS Positioning +0.36
Determine extension that PHP function belongs to? 0.00
CSS to center image without resizing? +1.67
Jquery code is returning true when is not supposed to -0.37
PHP Includes and Meta Tags 0.00
Add space when a word is too long -0.34
How can I make an array of all lists length x of the numbers 0 and 1? +2.31
Is there a PHP library or script that converts a UA to a human-frie... -1.64
How to set text at top of Chrome extension icon 0.00
Why we concatenate variables.... without concatenate this can do do... -0.80
Mixing $_GET[''] with a string? -0.23
remove last character from a string inside a loop in php -0.36