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Rating Stats for

Javier Constanzo

1489.15 (4,428,483rd)
369 (348,123rd)
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Title Δ
nginx RTMP vs MPEG-TS 0.00
how can I trigger an angular change event with a jquery UI slider? 0.00
How to disable Apache gzip compression for some media files in .hta... -4.07
Wordpress Query_posts returning only 6 posts. Why? 0.00
GZIP with CSS and JS through .htaccess 0.00
Data inserted in Website - security issue +4.22
Wamp 5.1 and wamp 5.3 on same machine? 0.00
deleting pod items +0.13
Can I use Perl CGI::Sessions data in PHP? +0.10
Performance differences running PHP under Windows/IIS 7 vs. Linux/A... -3.67
Which PHP framework for web application rewrite? -1.78
Null vs. False vs. 0 in PHP -1.78
CakePHP View including other views -3.99