An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1570.23 (4,017th)
12,027 (12,277th)
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Title Δ
What is the best way to store key,value pairs in Java? -0.10
How to solve "This branch has conflicts that must be resolved&... 0.00
injecting a script into newly opened tab - Chrome Extension 0.00
Why do I get null as my output string instead of what I wanted? +0.27
Java allows to declare abstract methods in an enum type but it'... 0.00
Java trying to fill int array with unique numbers +0.39
Spark POST returns 404 not found seemingly-arbitrarily 0.00
Python function define: A message will prompt up if missing enterin... 0.00
How to assign ordinal numbers of unique values to a list in Python? +0.38
Read all the log files from the folder +1.05
JavaScript Prompt() input +1.09
java restrict List items +0.42
python error for downloading files from AWS 0.00
Is my code wrong or it's somehow compiler's fault? 0.00
Printing a string - weird behavior with String.contains 0.00
Why elements is disappeared when to use sort()? 0.00
Equals method not returning the correct value +0.41
Java - Function does not return what I expected +0.22
Function only calls the same block with different input -0.11
Recursive Fibonacci in C - plain simple +0.15
Python math function does not find all answers in range given 0.00
I got error : UnboundLocalError: local variable 'porc' refe... +0.40
How to fix NoSuchElementException for HashMap -0.54
How to repeat the menu when String is input in a int field? -1.41
How to check equality of a variables within if condition? +0.90
Why the operation is called Autoboxing? 0.00
Creating constructors using Enums in Java -1.52
Getters and Setters and this. keyword +0.40
Validating user input in java? +0.69
Limit an input to one word 0.00
hangman game- update word list.python +0.10
Why isn't my return statement working? 0.00
Redirecting IP with IPTables 0.00
Can't get code in shell to work as a program -0.53
How to create a while loop to cycle through a list and count instan... +0.40
create list from os command python -0.74
What is the difference between VIRTUAL MACHINE, VAGRANT and DOCKERS? 0.00
Excluding the first 3 characters of a string using regex -0.77
Python Type Error: 'List' object is not callable -1.75
Inputting using a function 0.00
other than statement in javascript -0.60
Python operation data List in loop +1.20
Ordinal Number Error, Python 3 -0.61
GitHub - why two lines are marked as different without any visible... -1.94
Print the line of a word occurrence in a file 0.00
ValueError: too many values to unpack - Is it possible to ignore on... +0.81
Push in a Stack char-value have different value 0.00
Using "!=" operator for testing inequality instead of &qu... 0.00
Autoboxing isnt working properly 0.00
How to Get remoteHost java 0.00