An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1557.27 (6,123rd)
22,909 (5,713th)
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Title Δ
get colums of three joined tables -2.15
Should an object always encapsulate the data that its methods work... +0.41
What is role of #!usr/bin/perl -n? +0.42
Return Statement Check Condition -0.06
Making all the <li> in vertical menu the same width CSS -1.56
Change first character on a line with upper case perl +2.31
c++ class defining. attributes as pointers? which is the correct way? +1.06
Create trigger to insert into another table -0.32
Speed of output -0.56
Remote connection to PostgreSQL -2.54
Limit large table according to date -0.11
Null termination of char array +0.53
How to deploy grails app with private plugin to cloud +0.66
MySQL Translate Oracle Pl/SQL (+) to MySQL 0.00
What does *array[] mean? +0.37
template argument 1 is invalid (Code::Blocks Win Vista) - i don't u... +2.42
mysql query select by tag -0.08
Refresh browser with PHP function after Javascript & AJAX POST +1.00
slowing the speed of for loop -0.09
Using inheritance, why is goPee() not defined in my test class? -1.02
Where do I have to free the memory after allocating? -1.04
How to delete a foreign key from MySQL table dynamically? -0.02
Database design for select performance +0.38
C++ Vector library, Recreating for Assignment, max size function +0.40
How do I multiply more than two matrices in perl? +0.41
MySQL IF Statement? -1.21
Oracle - Missing Right Parenthesis 0.00
Design pattern to avoid downcasting in message passing -0.79
Jquery mobile footer bar not showing 0.00
what's the fastest way to get a large volume of data from an Oracle... +0.38
C++ Memory Error on Delete - Debug Assertion Failed +1.31
Use of uninitialized value $1 in addition - Perl -0.12
oracle - create a view with a primary key -1.83
Is there a drawback when not using aliases in SQL queries? -0.74
converting string into char +0.23
Perl code using a text file -0.00
Oracle Sql Statement to ignore string literals +0.05
Geo Location based on IP Address - PHP -0.59
how to omit columns having null value in select query in mysql? -0.12
C++ std::string and string -0.32
I'm looking for a good explanation of a BLOB and a CLOB +0.45
SQL Group By with a condition +1.20
A LEFT JOIN's WHERE conditions aren't turning up proper results +1.83
Which is faster in SQL: many Many MANY tables vs one huge table? -0.64
Is it preferred to create tables in mysql using a third party appli... -0.23
connect internal only until freed oracle sql developer +0.52
Comparing DB technologies +0.39
How to check for duplicates in mysql table over multiple columns +1.63
sort function in Perl -0.17
C++ _inline is being ignored in a singleton and showing up in my pr... +0.01