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Zig Mandel

1474.60 (4,512,015th)
16,532 (8,414th)
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Title Δ
How to get sheet name or index currently being viewed? +0.14
Using Google Apps Script Libraries +0.53
What are some best practices to ensure that my Google Chrome extens... 0.00
Firebase chrome extension SignIn Issue 0.00
Chrome extension - result is always null 0.00
Appengine ndb best optimal way to design top downloads per day, wee... +0.01
Does Google + API can be used for both custom domain and gmail? 0.00
Post data to Google Spreadsheet via AppsScript (private deployment) 0.00
How to bundle exe file into a chrome extension 0.00
Google Apps Script - Typewriter Effect -0.20
Choose list - multi choose - Google spreadsheet 0.00
Is there any way to see the developer console for a background task... 0.00
Trying to use chrome.downloads (it's undefined for some reason) +0.54
Google Apps Script: Custom function is not returning expected value -0.46
Google Forms: Autofill fields based on data from external database 0.00
Protecting Spreadsheet from renaming in Google Sheets +0.10
Firebase: How to awake App Engine when client changes db? +1.38
How can I make a client-side script respond to a click on a spreads... +0.54
Running python script from Google Apps script -1.96
localStorage access between two google app scripts deployed as web... 0.00
DriveApp.createFolder creates folder for wrong user +0.53
Inappbrowser ionic doesn't load Oauth 0.00
Can we use refreshToken long time? 0.00
How to get gmail messages received after a particular date using Go... +0.53
What is the substitute for hosting images in google site from Googl... -1.22
iPhone Google sheets button 0.00
How do you trigger a custom script in FormB from a form submittal i... 0.00
Reauthorize permissions to Google apps script after password change 0.00
Run script timerbased clientside [GAS] +0.03
setup dependent triggers google apps script 0.00
How to sync data between a Google Sheet and a Mysql DB? 0.00
Is there a way to display data from a private google spreadsheet as... +0.49
Why does appengine uploads all my files everytime? 0.00
How to check your account's Google Apps Script quotas 0.00
Chrome extension - This extension may have been corrupted 0.00
ReferenceError using Session.getActiveUser() in Google Apps Script 0.00
Chrome webstore - extensions download statistic +1.35
how to update the google sheet when button in email body is clicked.? 0.00
Read from Chrome storage API on Android -0.02
Atomically undo-able function in Google Apps Script 0.00
How can I find where a Script project is referenced as a library 0.00
How to transfer pre trained machine learning model to App Engine 0.00
How to port chrome extension functionality to mobile (Specifically... -0.87
App script doesn't update the google spreadsheet cell values al... 0.00
How to pack Chrome extension with it settings 0.00
Button Pressed by Owner of Spreadsheet or not? 0.00
Google Apps Script: Trigger a script when Contacts change? 0.00
Google Drive SDK: Programatically pin a Google Doc revision +0.53
GAS: How to allow other people to use your library without sharing... 0.00
Geosearch Search API GAE filtering distance(geopoint(MY_GEOPOINT),... 0.00