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Don Chakkappan

1462.11 (4,400,503rd)
5,795 (28,175th)
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Title Δ
Visual Studio for Mac : AddIn Development 0.00
Xamarin iOS Refreshing And Maintaining App Using BackgroundTasks 0.00
Xamarin Forms : iOS Linking 0.00
How to add padding to the data shown in MPAndroidChart? 0.00
How to set margin/padding for x-axis first/last point in MPAndroidC... 0.00
How to stop highlight when any bar is clicked in MPAndroidChart? +1.58
Manifest merger failed error during build -0.82
Android: mpandroidchart not shown properly +0.52
Passing current time in milliseconds to MPChart breaks it 0.00
How can I add a SSL certificate on my apk? 0.00
Different behaviours with ADJUST_RESIZE in BottomSheetDialogFragment 0.00
Create an (repetitive high pitch) Alarm on a remote trigger when Ap... +0.55
MPAndroidChart multiple tooltip/marker view for linechart with 3 da... 0.00
How to make Seek bar in Slide menu? 0.00
Javadoc extras accepted/required by activity -1.82
Is it possible to declare a variable in gradle productFlavors and u... -0.44
Error code from Throwable - Android -0.19
Android - How to access emulator screenshot via emulator? +0.28
how type in command adb -kill server? +0.55
ListView doesn't appear list button? +0.06
Line Chart using MPAndroidChart library doesn't work 0.00
Activity isn't resizing when keyboard is shown +0.56
How to call a button from another activity in Android? 0.00
android ImageView is not Working -0.46
RoboSpice - Not getting Cache Data 0.00
Android SSL - CertPathValidatorException 0.00
Not able to start the new service through init.rc in Android -0.45
URL session is not maintaining in android 0.00
Unable to input "enter" key event from within my app andr... +0.05
Simpe Objects & Classes issue - Java -0.85
Android: How to modify this button during Runtime 0.00
Android disable space only for Edittext +0.05
Android Studio ADB not responding 0.00
Error: “Method getText() must be called from the UI thread, current... 0.00
How to restrict who can download my app in google play store? +2.03
how can I parse json using gson with Json Array of json objects -0.43
How to make random string replace textview? -0.07
DavidWebb Android Main Thread Exception 0.00
Textview duplication in custome listview -0.03
auto scroll images in horizontalscrollview android 0.00
setNumStars() not working in android +0.56
How to connect to a server running on my pc using my app on my andr... +0.21
How To Show Multiple Alert Dialogs In Android 0.00
Adb shell from application 0.00
Pattern / best practice for accessing connection that has undetermi... -0.18
Where to see the data in android studio SQLite +0.56
Is it possible to use a C library in background service for an andr... 0.00
Taking user input via EditText +0.67
What is a good use case of Java Beans? +0.57
What is factory method in java? -1.74