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1483.15 (4,356,920th)
649 (218,690th)
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Title Δ
Fraction class returns strings instead of solved fraction -1.89
Java - How do I read data into a list using bufferedReader and Scan... +0.15
Split the String by \ which contains follwing string "abc\u123... -2.65
Servlet code causing NumberFormatException +2.17
Counting class instances in a map -3.92
Java while loop mystery number game +0.14
Searching an array for a value in booking system +2.09
Is there any way to shorten the Livestamp.js time from '10 minu... 0.00
Java - how to check if one string contains another substring withou... -4.11
get a variable value inside double qoutes in jquery +0.54
Look for an element in a 2d Array using contains -2.03
Adding elements to an array in C++ -4.19
Finding index where char c starts in string s -1.21
Dojo charts create chart with different dimensions 0.00
How to distribute different threads to access different links in JM... 0.00
Changing `double` output inside for loop -2.62
Method is running multiple times in java +4.09
How to cast column within select query -1.94
Java program - gas station pump +0.12
display all the names in team1 and team2 0.00
How to use Int index to String element -2.26
java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.c... -0.16
How do I make the cryptText character the same as the plainText cha... 0.00
Double Dimension Arrays Java -3.33
Converting text file to all uppercase letters +2.92
Can someone please help me fix this Java code? -2.72
How to split up a String of numbers into individual digits and put... +3.90
display the factors of given integer? -0.14
How to find Difference between to time durations in java? +4.04
CircularQueue program is getting errors -0.30
Code:in android if the button is clicked it has to go to another XM... -0.01
How to fire a trigger every 30 seconds from 2 pm to 11 pm in quartz... +3.74
printing even array from given array -1.05
java reading int from file, original method not working looking for... +1.27
select subquery in postgresql get list -0.19
How to print out a certain part of a string 0.00
JS Select Value and Last Value 0.00
Solving a puzzle, array programming, java 0.00
What is adapter object pattern? -3.99
I am new to programming and need to store the below input in one ar... -0.15
Style.display block/none problems -0.11
Input size with letter spacing -0.16
Header files won't work in C +3.23
What is the default Broadcasting address used to setup a broadcast... 0.00
Java Main Method, Parameters Differences -2.49
Java with String length limit +0.43
Java making matrix output in correct form -4.10
Print the permutations of integer array in non increasing order 0.00