An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1699.65 (146th)
263,323 (151st)
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Title Δ
Does python cache or recalculate a function call on a while loop op... +1.17
issue with saving output of show commands to a network device 0.00
Check whether a value exists in a list or not +0.24
How to aiohttp request post files list python requests module? 0.00
two for loops in one list comprehension separately +1.22
Deleting empty records from a file starting with specific characters +0.24
Trying to split byte in a byte array into two nibbles 0.00
Explanation on mode in pathlib.Path.chmod(mode) 0.00
use of try and except/ if-else 0.00
Increasing understanding of the Python read() and open() functions +0.62
Python and MySQL-Connector-Python +0.24
Python 3.6 virtual env uses pip from python 2.7 0.00
Split a string to K substrings using List Comprehension +0.25
Wildcard in dictionary key +1.56
Pytest not able to skip testcase in a class via marker skipif -0.07
First character of string in Python +1.01
How to get a request object inside 0.00
How to slice a queue? +0.23
Python: Thousands Separator - old Formatting Syntax 0.00
Filter return empty array +0.23
Python: xpath robust to get data in table 0.00
Why will the output be 11032? Python3.6 0.00
Python List Multiple Assignment +0.25
python how to run process in detached mode 0.00
Match a word within two strings -2.05
Difference between exec behavior when module is imported or not +2.90
Python get data from named pipe 0.00
ImportError: No module named path 0.00
getting "No JSON object could be decoded" for json URL 0.00
Combine two arrays in specific order +0.81
How can I avoid duplicating code inside a for + if chain? +0.22
Dynamically execute function in Python 0.00
Pandas- merge two columns (one is list, one is string) +1.28
How to find maximum value for a dictionary -1.18
Flask import error "cannot import name 'Flask'" 0.00
Can I get Python to evaluate an ValueError input? +0.25
How to convert a string with a few values in a file to a list? [res... +0.25
Split with map! doesn't work +1.22
How to match on different dict key values 0.00
Execute function on all possible combinations of parameters +1.94
beautiful soup find_all, encompassing multiple class names +0.25
Setting pycharm run django unittest 0.00
Best permutation count algorithm in ruby 0.00
I can not run Django Python pytest under PyCharm 0.00
Is there a way to specify a default value for python enums? +1.07
Swaping two elements in a list shows unexpected behaviour 0.00
Removing dates from Python lists +0.24
Python: environment variables in Windows 0.00
How { } quantifier works? 0.00
Convert string list to date list Python 3.6 +0.89