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Daniel Vassallo

1746.48 (46th)
281,480 (134th)
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Title Δ
How to select UNIX date = "2010" in mysql query? -0.92
how to compare the value of current resultset with previous one? 0.00
Does a favicon have to be 32x32 or 16x16? +0.97
Google Maps: how to get country, state/province/region, city given... 0.00
Order of "WHERE field IN" SQL query? -0.51
sqlite between question +0.42
Need some JavaScript explanation for this code +0.22
JavaScript: For...Each / With +1.33
NoSQL: DB and language suggestions 0.00
Foreign key null - performance degradation +0.79
Equivalent of Ruby's "require" in Javascript -0.62
Creating a search form for generating a Google Map +0.20
How to get scalar result from prepared statement? +0.70
Dynamic params calling window opener 0.00
Determine longitudes and latitudes within a range +0.40
What does (function (x,y)){...})(a,b); mean in JavaScript? -0.49
How can I use JSLint for a segment of code which depends on JQuery? +0.97
MySQL: Add constraint if not exists 0.00
JavaScript Design Patterns -- Dealing With Unwanted Asynchrony 0.00
doesNotUnderstand for JavaScript? 0.00
Google maps api styled map with satellite water 0.00
mysql: What is the ROW_COUNT() information function for SELECT? -0.30
JavaScript inline code and including .js file +0.45
grabbing a substring of an SQL field where a string matches part of... 0.00
Using subqueries and data - MySQL +0.64
mysql database populate -0.85
MySQL Ordering a query - further question 0.00
MySQL Ordering Lists Question -1.18
Mysql create trigger 1064 error 0.00
How to check for the presence of an element? +0.79
Is there a good JS shorthand reference out there? -0.55
Google map driving direction source code for their example? 0.00
NoSQL database with range queries +0.20
MySQL self join question -1.23
MySQL error with SQL AS +0.20
How can i update a table using SQL Injection? 0.00
Modify table: not null to null -0.59
In MySQL, how can I split one existing table into many new related... 0.00
Give me a example of non-RESTful design? +0.87
difference between set @flag =1 and set @@flag = 1 0.00
MySQL: Set user variable from result of query 0.00
Can I compare MysQL timestamp with datetime columns? is it bad? 0.00
OpenLayers Format JSON is Returning Empty responseText String 0.00
MySQL ON DUPLICATE KEY insert into an audit or log table +0.42
REST uri for POST and return(GET) 0.00
Tradional Ajax or Jquery Ajax, which one is better? -1.24
$.ajax() call, only on updation +0.20
How to update column with null value +1.46
Accessing C# method in a JavaScript function +0.69
Can't set value on hidden input element -1.27