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Rating Stats for

Markus Jarderot

1569.29 (4,125th)
68,603 (1,271st)
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Title Δ
Yara regex for detecting port numbers not working +0.39
Save an object containing functions to a .js file 0.00
Typescript: Define the return of key value of an object 0.00
Why regex pattern doesn't match with text? 0.00
Yara Rule - Regex - Matching Wildcard 0.00
Replace double quotes with graves in a string without creating a ne... 0.00
The formulars in HSV triangle 0.00
Find minimum cost to convert to palindrome -1.39
Merge two pattern into one -0.30
How to solve the loop problem in database relationships? +0.40
About regex expression -0.10
How to convert this Powershell function to work within Python? 0.00
MVVM Subclass property binding 0.00
Why is Capture not 2 items? +0.40
Nested comments in javascript 0.00
coffee script split function based on two conditions 0.00
Regex accepting string that meets "('a'*N - 'b'... 0.00
HSV triangle in C# 0.00
List element value returns wrong values when accessing attribute -1.22
JSON Bad String Error -2.07
How can I recognise Non printable unicode characters in python 0.00
How to write a correctly formatted regex for Apache 'DirectoryM... 0.00
Search while selection enabled in macro VS2015 0.00
error c# serial port display weighting scale continuously to richte... 0.00
C# regexp matched subexpressions returns empty string 0.00
How to draw a curved spring in a HTML5 Canvas? +1.64
Removing '#' from URL using htaccess in HTML web page 0.00
Functions on substrings in regex 0.00
Why this regex with backreferences work in regex101 but not in php? +1.88
.htaccess RedirectMatch regex issue 0.00
Normalize Case of CSS selectors using C# 0.00
Replace matching pattern only if it's not in a specific place i... 0.00
Need to understand Regex advanced substring, replace and split to m... 0.00
Escape single backslash inbetween non-backslash characters only 0.00
Replace all instances of string in specific sections of HTML document 0.00
Perl Script (running slow) taking a minute to replace the simple re... +0.31
C# - XML serialization: omitting a certain element in my XML output +1.51
The DELETE statement conflict REFERENCE constraint 0.00
Wrong regular expression for mapper 0.00
How To Determine If Number is Sequential In Oracle SQL +0.88
Base case for Karatsuba Multiplication +0.38
Lagrange Interpolation in JavaScript 0.00
Modify global variable inside function via parameter +0.41
XSLT value select based on multiple tags and it's values +1.84
Encoding / Decoding 14-bit from Int to Hex and vice versa 0.00
Python regexp groups: how do I get all groups? -0.59
Using preg_split for templating engine -1.14
PHP - preg_match - How to match number beginning with zero 0.00
Regex Match equal amount of two characters +1.21
Regex Match equal amount of two characters -1.04