An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1501.96 (343,386th)
26 (1,332,820th)
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Title Δ
Bot Framework Emulator - Cannot connect to local bot 0.00
.NET MVC: Restrict action based on Role level -3.93
Searching in MVC5 using linq -2.17
How can i get all values of JSON array +3.89
Post (or put) request with uri parameter not working when calling w... 0.00
Sql Server DateDiff in minutes is different than C#'s TotalMinu... +4.52
Refactor LINQ method to introduce Lamba function as a parameter -2.83
Turn off auto increment for ID's and replace with custom value... 0.00
c# how to count the amount of json values 0.00
Upload CSV File In C# -2.39
Cannot implicitly convert type SelectListItem to List 0.00
How to sort dictionary by entity dependency 0.00
generic method with multiple type parameters in c# -3.67
Ignore all fields and properties by default 0.00
FluentValidation with Regular Expression not allowing N/A or NA Ign... -3.71
What am i missing from my interface or assemblies? 0.00
How to make sure object is properly initialized without constructor? -1.48
How to compress both files and folders with ZipFile API 0.00
How to return an empty column with iQueryable -0.14
How to use Automapper with Autofac +0.02
Try to removing empty html tags in C# -3.65
How to add a comma between each item in foreach, @html.displayfor 0.00
TFS Build Agent Stopped Running +3.99
Conditional Operator Not Showing if .Count == 0 +3.94
differences between Eager Loading and Explicit Loading -2.95
Is there any method to pass iterated id to jquery? -4.19
Ordering Items by List Item in EntityFramework -4.26
Store and execute functions that declared in a JSON object -0.25
Variable with enum datatype and not all values within contains value? 0.00
Fix regex expression to have character limit -4.05
How to create where by list of complex clauses? -1.84
What does Web.AllowUnsafeUpdates do? +3.38
To map related entity property to a viewmodel property using Automa... 0.00
How can I check if an object (that I have to insert in a list) is a... -2.22
How to load filtered child collection on child collections with a s... -2.47
Dynamically concatenate value in list if pattern matched -4.22
Mocking an Interface Object of an Interface Method -4.23
Return the datatype of a property based on entity name and property... +3.94
Automapper If source is null, set destination object properties +3.53
AutoMapper 5.1 - Map Model and extended Model -2.51
Hide column from grid while exporting to excel 0.00
Regex to extract only the a href who have a specifc word in <a> -4.06
how to censor the first 10 char in a string using c# +3.37
Optional date parameter using Route attribute in web API 0.00
Cast a nullable DateTime in a lambda expression +3.67
How to bundle async tasks for Task.WhenAll? +1.42
Validation method to return result after first false +4.55
Why this double "\\" string replacement is not working in... 0.00
How to initialize the IEnumerable<CustomModel> in c#? -3.34
How to restore backup from another server 0.00