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1708.11 (111th)
423,710 (48th)
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Title Δ
Can one alias higher rank trait bound in rust? 0.00
How do I use a custom namespaced derive-macro attribute on a type i... 0.00
How can I use enums in structopt in Rust? +1.05
Why is a reference to a type that implements Fn not recognized as a... -0.69
Why is it possible to implement a trait for both `T: Display` and `... 0.00
proc-macro panic with structopt using required_unless and conflicts... 0.00
How can I set a breakpoint at a `panic` when debugging a Rust progr... 0.00
How to avoid specifying the same type twice in trait implementation? 0.00
How to format f-strings with regex expressions? 0.00
How can I test iOS apps in XCode without it breaking my Rust toolch... 0.00
Why does returning a __strong and __autoreleasing variable yields d... 0.00
How to use non-'static trait objects with associated types? +0.21
Can a BigInteger be truncated to an i32 in Rust? +2.26
Why do I get "overflow evaluating the requirement `Sized`"... 0.00
What LLVM passes are performed on emitted LLVM IR? 0.00
How can I pass down format string options from the user to my compo... 0.00
How to convert DateTime::now() into NaiveDateTime? 0.00
What does the error `cannot be named the same as a tuple variant` m... 0.00
How do I generate `quote::Tokens` from both a constant value and a... 0.00
Why do I get a conflicting implementations error when specializing... 0.00
How to implement HashMap with two keys? +0.22
Writing Unicode to .docx file 0.00
Device usage in iOS 0.00
How to define a macro with an indefinite amount of arguments inside... +0.23
How can I run cargo tests on another machine without the Rust compi... 0.00
How do I map a C struct with padding over 32 bytes using serde and... +0.15
Golang regular expression for parsing key value pair into a string... -0.01
std::ptr::Unique has no method named offset 0.00
How to match entire words dynamically using Regex in Python +0.70
Are there any performance advantages in using `unreachable!` vs `pa... 0.00
Extended float parsing - automatically parse pi +0.21
Equality operator returns true for unequal values +1.68
Are C style for loops that step by a different amount each iteratio... 0.00
Can't compile a OneOrMany enum which allows to push values into... 0.00
Template specialization in case of variadic template function 0.00
Include git commit hash as string into Rust program +0.44
Include git commit hash as string into Rust program -1.80
Integrate a function with each element of numpy arrays as limit of... +0.76
How can I understand the laws for Foldable instances? 0.00
Kcov is reporting 100% for Rust lib even though some methods are no... 0.00
How to associate a struct with object in Obj-C's runtime 0.00
Integer overflow in universal hashing implementation 0.00
Java: Implementation of PHP's ord() yields different results fo... 0.00
Super class of String and Integer in Java 8 0.00
CGAffineTransformScale in Swift 3.0 +0.90
Swift build time too long when the configuration is 'release... +0.23
Write a Regex which does NOT contain double letters anywhere (such... +1.24
How can I cast a struct reference to isize? +1.38
Swift URLSession doesn't behave like Curl or HTTParty 0.00
Setting a Git alias which uses TR to translate backslash into forwa... 0.00