An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1480.71 (4,494,218th)
16,713 (8,324th)
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Title Δ
Basic client/server sample code works in iOS simulator but not on d... 0.00
Basic socket programming in iOS simulator 0.00
Trouble passing command line arguments to Ruby script and reading f... 0.00
Prepend a single line to file with Ruby +1.70
Prevent UITableViewCell's textLabel frame from changing for device... 0.00
For loop output in C -1.98
Trouble setting number attribute in Core Data 0.00
Texture2D text color changed after updating from iOS 3.0 to 4.0 0.00
How to calculate the area of multiple overlapping right-angled poly... -1.80
iPhone SDK: Long animations with "animationImages" problem -3.97
What do you use to play sound in iPhone games? -0.17
iPhone Device Debugging +2.64
How can I make auto-complete display a list in Xcode 0.00
How do I render my scene as a mask in OpenGL? -3.89
Where is binary search used in practice? -0.20
Stopping scripters from slamming your website hundreds of times a s... -1.37
How can I control/override the auto-complete in my iPhone app? 0.00
Why is my iPhone app crashing? -3.33
Sometimes Accelerometer delegate method is not called -1.20
How would you write a non-recursive algorithm to calculate factoria... -3.87
Example projects -1.85