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Thomas Matthews

1500.57 (420,486th)
45,144 (2,328th)
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Title Δ
Passing a pointer into methods in C++ resulting in weird output 0.00
Function to reverse the bits of the hex number in decimal and retur... 0.00
How can I use for loop to iterate through vector? I tried to look i... 0.00
How can I print the elements of a vector as a ordered list using a... 0.00
How to create a table to store playing cards and interact with them... 0.00
Why variables' address on stack are not sequential 0.00
How do I efficiently left-shift by N bits using single-bit shifts? 0.00
Don't fully understand the output of very small C program using... 0.00
Split a line read from a file in C++ 0.00
Reading CSV files into a 2D vector 0.00
What is stored in Code memory and Data memory 0.00
C++ "toupper" not converting character to uppercase 0.00
How can I get the information from user instead of using specific v... 0.00
Comparing two input files using only "char" in c++ 0.00
Typedef gives error "no storage class or specifier" 0.00
Saving data to binary file, which method is correct? 0.00
How do you print the values from an RGBQUAD structure? 0.00
How to declare a static lookup table using C++11 0.00
C++ - checking a string for all values in an array 0.00
C++ Unexpected Array Overflow 0.00
Using Composite Pattern to make game menu 0.00
how does CHAR Name[1] can hold more than 1 charecter? 0.00
Why does my code say that 90 was repeated 6 times, instead of 5? 0.00
Read file and input into vector 0.00
Why do file IO speeds change when reading file size? 0.00
converting decimal to string and string to decimal using char type 0.00
OUTPUT ERROR,The problem is to find the sum 5000 digit number cpp 0.00
Reading an array of integers from a binary file -1.46
3-3. Write a program to count how many times each distinct word app... 0.00
How do I get the for loops working for searching in a txt file? +0.59
Figure out how to read integers into ASCII in C++ 0.00
Why am I getting the wrong output for this C++ code? (one of the pr... +0.73
Switch statement (string) keeps selecting default value unless its... -0.94
Efficiently calculate cumulative sum of a multidimensional array? +0.17
Input as a parameter (C++) -0.92
How do I write a char[] to a binary file in C++? 0.00
Doing conditional replacement using c++ macro? +1.40
How does template in c ++ actually work in background? 0.00
Incorrect mathematical results calculating power series +0.50
Is it possible to access variables and their values in a running pr... 0.00
how to split and join files in c or rust? 0.00
isalpha in c++ not working correctly for single integer 0.00
Minimal swaps for insertion sort 0.00
Can't declare array of strings as class member instead of char... 0.00
How do I create parallel arrays from a .txt file with two columns? 0.00
Why do memcpy() and other similar functions use assembly? -0.06
How can I make a map where the value is an array of structs in C++ +0.19
How to search a string for a char and assign it to another char wit... 0.00
I am trying to solve this problem but getting a run time error due... -1.87
Register storage class memory allocation 0.00