An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Casimir et Hippolyte

1581.24 (2,914th)
78,179 (1,076th)
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Title Δ
Regex make last part of string optional and capture everything if i... +1.81
Python - string replace between parenthesis with wildcards -0.07
PCRE Regex: Is it possible to check within only the first X charact... +1.09
Regex unable to identify int 0.00
How can I match a repeating pattern within a repeating pattern with... -0.93
Transliterator transliterate Rules 0.00
How to capture content of following markdown comments using regular... -2.50
Is there a way to only strip newlines from urls while preserving ot... 0.00
How to simplify nested curly braces with regex? -0.73
Splitting numbers from strings and also splitting joint strings +0.85
Regex match Telegram username and delete whole line in PHP -1.10
RegEx within sed -1.67
Identify and replace pairs of shortcoded variables within a string... -0.63
Optimization needed: Reformat string with optional and repeatable p... +1.44
Right rotation on array in php -0.30
Replacing more than one word with regular expression -0.62
How do I match strings not containing strings in VSCode's searc... 0.00
Regex to capture everything after optional token 0.00
Regex match if there is only one match from a number of choices in... -0.93
Adding custom masks to phone numbers +0.39
Regex (PHP) match everything that starts at the beginning of the st... +1.57
Using regex to remove unessential comments from source 0.00
PHP custom sorting: Manual sorting an array based on specified keys -1.41
Use array_column in combination with preg_match -1.81
Regex efficency +0.86
replacing \n with new line +0.11
PHP Regex to Find and replace all occurrences of a string that that... 0.00
Replace specific character/string in specific scope with regexp 0.00
php regex to extract single parameter value from string -0.43
Regex to filter for no-space string only -0.76
PHP - How to calculate the values ‚Äčof the second foreach loop? +1.53
Why array_pop() doesn't work in foreach loop? +0.37
get index array of minimum value in an array and if there are some... -2.50
Counting number of times a pattern occurs in a text file -0.53
PHP replace currency in a string +0.38
Skip arrays element having at least one empty value from specific e... +0.36
PHP cURL not showing a part of content from some point 0.00
PHP count instances of array items in a string 0.00
Parse number via regex from html +0.38
How To Validate Crossed Time Laravel +1.16
PHP 7.4 Typed properties iteration +0.76
Replace key in array, with keeping order intact 0.00
Understand and correct the Recursive Function output +2.05
php preg_split ignore duplicate delimiters -1.65
Regular Expression To Match Header Tags Not In Specific Div +0.00
Minutes or Seconds without a leading 0 PHP -1.14
How to search a multi-dimensional array by multiple values at once... +1.30
Explode a .txt files into multidimenional array 0.00
Perl search and replace until positive lookahead over several lines... -1.32
How can convert a string array to int array -0.29