An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.09 (4,386,518th)
1,577 (103,648th)
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Title Δ
Best way add optional payload to sorted container 0.00
Google Test Framework does not print std::optional 0.00
std::cout thread safe formatting and io manipulation 0.00
Heap allocation vs std::vector 0.00
Making a safe buffer holder in C++ 0.00
C++ Higher order templates 0.00
Non-type template parameter with default value of type template par... 0.00
C++ std::async vs thread for multiple tasks 0.00
"result type must be constructible from value type of input ra... 0.00
std::getline does not works inside a function 0.00
How to list UTF encoded filenames in a given directory in CPP? -1.37
Why does this std::queue/list of pointers to structs not free memor... 0.00
C++ template type circularity and non-template pointer to template... -1.54
How best to implement the "newtype" idiom in C++? -0.67
Is a "catch all" block which deallocates dynamically allo... +0.33
Lazy argument evaluation for try_emplace? +2.98
How to detect if VS C++ compiler supports C++11? +2.17
Why does bi-directional/forward operators don't support inequal... -0.60
Memory efficient way to represent shortest path? +0.03
Data structure for FIFO behaviour and fast lookup by value -0.60
Converting ddhhmm to YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm format in C++ -1.56
std::vector of <key-value> pairs with different types 0.00
efficient extraction of elements from a C++ unordered set +1.46
Balanced partition of iterator range without LegacyRandomAccessIter... +2.27
The correct way to convert malloc to new -0.17
Recursive function for finding power returns zero for large exponents -0.77
Convert multi-line if statment to single line with map -1.22
What happens if future.get() is called after promise.set_value()? 0.00
How to return reference of unique_ptr<Derived> from unique_pt... +1.46
Save a Type to a file -0.47
Is it possible to implement an O(N) time & O(1) space solution... 0.00
Difference between std::fabs(a * b) and std::fabs(a) * std::fabs(b) -0.46
C++ Continue the execution after signal handler 0.00
C/C++ Printing stack bottom to top with recursion +0.03
Should I make my local variables const or movable? +0.58
Class member initializer:syntax and usage +2.54
Is it possible to use constructors with different parameters in inh... 0.00
Initializing a two dimensional array with class static const integers -1.26
How does C++ object slicing work internally? +2.39
`std::filesystem::weakly_canonical` with special path parts fails 0.00
c++ move semantics when using pointers -0.98
How to handle "invalid use of non-static data member" in... -0.21
What is the reason to initialize or assign an empty string literal... -0.66
Checking position of newly added unique_ptr to priority_queue -0.51
Using generic lambda of header file in implementation file -1.88
Using std::vector as view on to raw memory +0.01
Is it possible to prevent omission of aggregate initialization memb... -0.85
Is converting an integer to a pointer always well defined? +0.48
std::unordered_map destructor does not free memory? -2.14
Ambiguous != operator for reverse_iterator 0.00