An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Lamloumi Afif

1424.66 (4,190,803rd)
4,135 (40,325th)
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Title Δ
Redirection of error page with aspx and mspx extensions 0.00
Customising error page within webforms app 0.00
Stored procedure mapping using EF6 and Mysql database 0.00
Add reference of json file within jquery script 0.00
Get null parameter in the server side after ajax call -1.02
Customize Report Viewer 0.00
How can I connect to MSSQL Express with ASP.NET +0.85
String was not recognized as a valid DateTime Issue -1.10
Pause For each until finish Thread inside C# -2.58
How Can I create executeReader class 0.00
Adding the same items to multiple comboboxes -2.82
Calculating the days and hours between two dates taking into accoun... -0.59
Storing converted value in a Variable -1.23
C# error basic function -2.75
Difference between two files.? 0.00
Is there a better way to remove characters from an integer in C#? -1.82
Why does reference of an object unable to access method and propert... +0.45
fatal error encountered during command execution mysql c# -3.42
database connection in windows application -2.36
Retrieving a value from database then apply a split function 0.00
Navigating Directories using Path.Combine +0.71
Switch Statement with enumerator -2.36
ASP.NET format string date +0.58
windows form how to add an icon to the right or left of a text box -3.47
Why is my Add Button Returning a Null Reference Error 0.00
Printing strings in new line (C#) -0.11
Tracking user and Remote access in windows form application C# Sql... 0.00
How do you separate views, models and controllers into separate pro... -1.59
Constructor of controller in MVC application +0.21
Extension Class for Windows Forms c# -3.25
Calling from another windows form issue in C# 0.00
Is it possible to call ImageButtonClick event within other checkbox... +0.34
Closing multiple windows form with single click -1.88
Trying to update one textbox from another and vice-versa C# Winforms -1.04
C# Converting a string to a class -1.23
Connection Per Request -3.19
Windows form opening other forms -3.51
.NET MVC separating projects 0.00 web form C# Streamreader can't find the text file -0.16
How to get a variable from controller +0.42
How to correctly check database connection with mysql in a .NET app... -3.96
Put text in textarea in specific way +0.31
C# ASP.NET Selecting multiple column from same mysql command and us... +0.39
How to count cart using session user +0.77
conversion failed when converting datetime from character string in... -3.16
Access denied when deleting file +0.32
Using authorization filter in mvc4 application 0.00
How can I change the default icon for a file extension? -3.70
Required value in Html.TextBoxFor -3.63
Replace all HTML tags with PHP -1.78