An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jon Skeet

1898.85 (2nd)
1,205,938 (1st)
Page: 1 ... 694 695 696 697 698
Title Δ
What is the single task in your development activity you would like... -0.52
Java core API anti-Patterns. What is wrong? +0.41
Why use ref keyword when passing an Object? +0.36
C# - indexOf the nth occurrence of a string? -0.64
Visual Studio References and versioning - how does it work? +0.33
Get Visual Studio to throw exceptions across threads 0.00
How to synchronize the access to a List<T> used in ASP.NET? +0.33
What is the maximum length of a C#/CLI identifier? +0.02
Have you noticed stray hits to your web pages that have no paramete... +0.80
Best Timer approach in C# console batch application -0.50
Implementing a window manager like VS does it +0.53
Initializing static objects - Code design question +0.33
What is the best language construction in C#? -0.19
What open source .Net utility projects or code libraries do you use? +0.35
How to inflate a file with zlib.NET? -0.14
What's the best way of accessing field in the enclosing class from... -0.05
Learning LINQ: QuickSort -1.14
How do I LINQify this? +0.03
C# Set collection? +0.33
Do I need to dispose transient disposable objects? -0.67
Is there a library to read JSON in C# on Windows Mobile? -0.18
Unsubscribe anonymous method in C# -0.33
What are the BEST resources for learning WPF & .NET? -0.73
What is returned when I call ToString() on an uninitialized char ob... +0.11
Speeding Up C# +0.44
Do you change the way you think when moving between Java and C# +0.34
LinqToSql referenced entities will throw NullReferenceException +0.56
Should one use < or <= in a for loop +0.32
"TryParse / Parse like" pattern: what is the best way to... +0.66
Wait window in a windows application +0.06
C# event handling (compared to Java) +0.57
How to fix precision of variable +0.33
Sanitizing Database Return Data +0.31
Console window displays at WinForm startup (C#) -0.46
What does the C# operator => mean? +0.33
Multiple Inheritance in C# +0.45
ServiceProvider, cache etc. done with generics without cast +0.33
Bitfields in C# +0.33
Why is "null" present in C# and java? +0.50
A doubt with the ICloneable interface in petshop 4.0? +0.36
Get random data using Generics +0.91
Any chances to imitate times() Ruby method in C#? +0.33
Why do I see a double variable initialized to some value like 21.4... +0.03
How do I sort a generic list? -0.65
Hash of a string to be of specific length +0.33
Why should I both Unit test AND Web test (instead of just web test)? +1.82
What's the difference between a URI and a URL? +2.73
Why is ¿ displayed different in Windows vs Linux even when using UT... -5.15
Validate String against USPS State Abbreviations -2.12
A C# to VB.Net conversion utility that handles Automatic properties... -4.35