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Kyle Lutz

1531.12 (17,146th)
7,130 (22,413th)
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Title Δ
How to use Shared Virtual Memory in Boost::Compute and custom kernel? 0.00
Read OpenCL kernel from seperate file -2.02
OpenCL and std::vector<bool> incompatibility -0.59
How can I create an shared context between OpenGL and OpenCL with g... -0.05
OpenCL intermediate language info? 0.00
C++ Basics to Starting a very simple GUI -0.20
restrict OpenCL access to Intel CPU? -0.26
What is the proper way to handle OpenCL buffers of structs? -0.05
Is Struct Derefencing Valid OpenCL? 0.00
Are there OpenCL bindings that aren't written in C/C++ style? -0.05
Boost.Compute slower than plain CPU? +0.18
How to get device list from context in opencv 0.00
Performance: boost.compute v.s. opencl c++ wrapper +0.43
How To Calculate OpenCL Memory Max Limit -0.36
OpenCL memory allocation limit on GPU 0.00
OpenCL as a general purpose C runtime compiler (Why is kernel on CP... 0.00
How to download a cl_mem's element? 0.00
opencl/opengl interop using clCreateFromGLTexture fails to draw to... -0.05
Blitting with OpenCL 0.00
need to convert C++ template to C99 code -1.31
Gaussian distributed random numbers in OpenCL 0.00
Ways to display QImage +0.95
Transfer data from Mat/oclMat to cl_mem (OpenCV + OpenCL) +3.50
OpenCL ambiguous context constructor 0.00
Memory leak - g_strndup 0.00
OpenCL *open source* Sorting Code that *does not* require input siz... +3.66
Using local memory to speed calculation +3.61
Advantages of a program containing several OpenCL kernels versus se... 0.00
Library that can do math on float arrays on the GPU? +2.62
Where do I find strings for Error code in OpenCL (Nvidia )? 0.00
Device says it is available, but can't create context in OpenCL -0.15
What is the right way to call clGetPlatformInfo? 0.00
'clUnloadCompiler': was declared deprecated when trying to compile... -2.91
High level GPU programming in C++ +1.77
CUDA Expression Templates and Just in Time Compilation (JIT) 0.00
boost::algorithm::contains std::vector<long> & long value -0.23
Call of overloaded template function is ambiguous +3.98
Convert std::vector<const Type*> to const std::vector<T, A... 0.00
std::vector crash? -0.25
O(1) std or boost list concatenate 0.00
why 32 bits is equal to 4Giga bytes but not 4 giga bits +4.13
Translating C code to OpenCL -0.15
How to do mutual classes in c++ +1.56
Max value of a vector +3.89
Qt generates multiple .so files - which one to use? +0.09
Using Eigen Library in Netbeans +3.94
Inline Assembly in Netbeans using C++ +3.98
How can I tell that I'm at the last object in a foreach, in Qt -0.02
what is c++ modules and how do they differ from namespaces? +0.46
vector<int> v(istream_iterator<int>(cin), istream_itera... +5.08