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Ron Smith

1504.19 (175,208th)
3,026 (55,892nd)
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Title Δ
Counting occurrences over all dates (not a specific date) +0.46
How to get the last month's data for a quarter in SQL Server? +0.06
SQL Server Group by Count of DateTime Per Hour and Update Max count... -0.52
SQL Server 2012: update data from CSV based on primary keys +0.84
Replace while loop with set-based approach in SQL Server 0.00
TSQL Querying with Multiple Result sets 0.00
Automate assignment queue with sql 0.00
Table subsets comparison -0.54
How to generate table contents based on contents from other tables? 0.00
Convert an Integer to time -2.09
Selecting statistical data from a single table -1.65
Get MAX value if column has a certain format +0.54
Get records where join table ids matches or is a subset of a list o... 0.00
Select every record in SQL -1.04
Want to pull variable info from a Comments section +1.51
SSRS Format date from YYYYMMDD to MM/DD/YYYY -0.46
SQL Update based on row count -2.02
Query to find if the rows in which a subset of larger set exists -1.78
I am trying to write a SQL nested query that finds/uses a max value... 0.00
How to get the average by oldest date sql? +2.05
calculation between consecutive rows -0.05
comparing same table in sql nested query -0.02
Dealing with empty HTML tables generated from SQL tables 0.00
UPDATE updates some, but not all rows +1.89
Get Incremental index for specific rows +1.97
Creating view in mysql with union all but all records are being sho... +2.10
SQL Function Constraint for Denormalized Data +1.90
3 table query with count +1.56
How to get month/day to compare with another month/day without year +1.19
MySql: Can I Create array using sql -0.14
Explode data from MySQL field and compare with string -0.01
How to describe an object in sql tables? -0.52
How can I use SQL Server to determine the number of minutes someone... +0.50
SQL Select data based on the group of the product -0.52
Best way to store randomized items from RPG's? 0.00
How to parse multiple rows with concatenated data into a single col... +0.02
Dynamic SQL string error in selecting statement 0.00
Create a Subquery with two external references 0.00
Insert Duplicates Of Distinct Value In One SQL Statement +0.36
SQL SUM Query returns duplicate rows in result -0.50
Where Statement Within Inner-Join -1.54
SQL create distinct comma separated lists -0.94
Better query for union join +2.75
How to Select multiple record in Ms sql server -0.50
SQL Join Tables from Top 1 -0.94
Points ranking system +0.00
Distinct one column on two tables SQL Server 2008 0.00
SQL update issue - Update single value multiple times +0.26