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Ruan Mendes

1545.95 (9,266th)
69,821 (1,239th)
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Title Δ
The target entry-point "@vcd/ui-components" has missing d... 0.00
Why aren't my classes being added on button click? +1.51
Loop returning just one element -0.80
JSON Strings onclick function 0.00
Use logical operators to return undefined if value is falsy -0.31
Is there a (better) shorthand for TypeScript's string enums or... +0.42
Type error related to accumulator of reduce method -1.57
Can I create a prop that inherits another prop's generic type? -0.96
Multiple syntax for functions in objects (Typescript) +1.00
Appending JSON array object to formdata 0.00
Skip a css variable -0.57
Change color of <a> item with querySelectorAll and specific i... -0.57
async await inside setTimeout inside forEach 0.00
duplcate id's when hidding content using media query css3 0.00
Accessing pixel using x,y coordinate in Javascript 0.00
Can I nest headers in a stackview using Clarity 0.00
How do I add multiple objects into one JSON file, and then list eve... 0.00
onChange triggers on every keystroke +0.42
JS not removing classes when it should do it 0.00
How to capitalize one instance of a variable in a live template? 0.00
Can't access complete JSON string in handlebars using jQuery 0.00
How to loop in JSX and use as component? -0.23
Clock keeps restarting after pause 0.00
Target specific class + numbers 0.00
What would you test in a text field? 0.00
Populate datatable using ajax call +1.03
Why does the function call take place after the increment of variab... +1.69
javascript submit() not submitting form +0.43
Get correct value of element on current viewport +0.44
How do I import a global provider into another global provider in N... 0.00
I need to capture the window.onbeforeunload event 0.00
Javascript Builder Pattern Not Seeing Declared Varialble +0.45
Promise then resolving too quick 0.00
check interval with a condition in JavaScript 0.00
React setState not firing in first time 0.00
Dynamically instantiate objects by name 0.00
javascript toString() returns incorrect value 0.00
Render recursively a nested data in React , I would like to recover... +0.44
Function not recognized as a function? +1.81
Destructure an Object Like An Array in JS? +0.79
Fix "jump" when creating sticky scroll navbar +0.42
Calling an async function when a constructor() is present 0.00
Show in console the data from form with Dojo 0.00
TypeScript complains about existing Vue component property defined... -0.57
How to ensure a Typescript string enum has the same key and value +0.70
How to enforce object type with interface property - value -2.29
problems with character (') inside string +0.44
Argument of type '{ [x: string]: any; }' is not assignable... 0.00
Angular template ternary does not compile 0.00
Is there a way to display the size of a file without downloading it? 0.00