An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1470.36 (4,392,456th)
7,691 (20,550th)
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Title Δ
user authentication using async websocket instead of django channels 0.00
The connection closed when code running. which use pyppeteer to cra... 0.00
Who to take the write numbers when it' came to function inlinin... 0.00
Undefined references Boost 1.68.0 0.00
Installing Qt from source, v 4.8.6 0.00
linker command failed with exit code 1 when link object files -1.30
Delete hash item from within select -0.50
FPS problen in GrSim 0.00
l10n support in ruby +0.05
C++11 variable capture with lambda inside another lambda -1.52
What does << mean as a method name, like def <<(score)? -0.83
Using the find_if() function -0.44
SDL2_ttf error: Entry point not found 0.00
C++ to C#: What is equivalent of array of byte pointer with 3 element -0.96
Trying to install ruby and ruby on rails 4 on Ubuntu? -0.21
Dynamic memory allocation of 2d arrays that are in the struct -1.81
MySql database and qt +0.03
Using random_device in classes 0.00
Skipping in Range-based for based on 'index'? -0.87
Rails Nokogiri Limit Results and Insert into database 0.00
Ruby: check if a .zip file exists, and extract +0.53
Understanding Map in C++ as a Java developer -0.89
Get text from a string knowing its position? +0.14
How to access public folder from a model method? -0.58
Ruby on Rails: Getting validates_uniqueness_of to work 0.00
STL Map sorting +0.42
How to effectively debug constexpr functions? -1.55
In ruby, how do you write item.nil? ? nil : -0.13
I'm confused on how to do OR while do Boolean. "||" that... -1.11
Error: Expected constructor, destructor, type conversion before '&l... +0.50
Iterators and templates in c++ -1.86
Left bit shift by 16 in Ruby and C++ -0.80
How to get UTC time +0.74
libcurl C++ adding http get parameters +0.01
Can somebody give me an example of when it would make sense to have... 0.00
base pointer to derived class -1.81
Incrementing big numbers (nearly 100.000 digits) in C++ +0.10
Ruby: Write to stdin and read from stdout? 0.00
How to loop over a tuple at compile time? 0.00
Rails combine 4 arrays and sort the resulting array by "create... -0.49
how to update a record based on updated_at age without callbacks -0.22
Highcharts with Turbolinks - Rails 4 -1.88
Ruby is_a?(Integer) issues +0.02
Return string if data is empty, nil or blank? -0.35
Find out specific changes made in Boost between versions -1.30
how to run ruby via sudo -0.48
Ruby method overriding +0.52
TSQL stored proc nonsense -0.17
Working with Static Class members in C++ -1.25
Custom regular expression i18n +2.03