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Mark Peters

1666.85 (345th)
68,864 (1,263rd)
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Title Δ
Need help about wildcard generic types in Java 0.00
Why Does Java Compiler Treat Long Data Type As Double Instead of In... +0.26
How to get original exception from CompletableFuture.join()? 0.00
Calling superclass in main method +0.26
Instantiating List of Lists +1.06
How to inject fields using Mockito without specifying them in const... +0.28
Close a dynamic number of AutoCloseable objects in try-with-resources +0.88
Could not resolve dependencies for my Maven project 0.00
Java abstract class to get type of extended class -0.92
Java reflection: access private method inside inner class 0.00
Java regex shortest match +0.16
Recover lost changes during unfinished rebasing -0.22
PowerMockito Verify times always passes -0.22
Why put the main thread to sleep before cancelling a timer task? 0.00
Failed to concatenate primitive type values into a String 0.00
Java Generics - raw type and parameterized type conversions +0.28
Is there an elegant way of applying an array of filters in Java 8? -0.27
Java, Strategy Pattern, Generics and return type 0.00
Java - how to obtain an interleaved iterator/collection -1.27
Java control if else statement +1.00
Writing Java predicate to compare a list against another -1.51
Error compiling generics with bounds 0.00
Java generics - <K extends Middle> - is K a real child of Mid... 0.00
Existing utility method to ensure that all collection elements are... +0.27
How to break an ArrayList into groups? +0.27
Guava HashMultimap update equal value 0.00
Iterating over heterogeneous container +0.88
array of objects as they relate Interfaces and abstract classes 0.00
ignoring unknown fields on JSON objects using jackson 0.00
Does Javascript have a way to simplify multiple checks for a value... +0.96
how to read objects continuously -0.40
Java - Unchecked cast from Object to Map.Entry<String,String> +0.88
Order of throws exceptions in Java +1.17
GenericTypeResolver.resolveTypeArguments returns null 0.00
Account class error 2 0.00
Confusion over the Java .contains() method 0.00
IntelliJ keeps displaying annoying message: Unable to open debugger... 0.00
I used doReturn, why would Mockito still call real implementation i... +1.54
Why am I getting Mockito misplaced argument matcher detected here w... -2.41
Java - Change a parameter object inside anonymous method +0.93
Output for a String method of alternating characters +1.48
The number of instances of a cell editor? 0.00
Configuring IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate to add JAR to Classpath instead... +0.28
How to run maven project in IntelliJ that requires a file to be in... +0.59
For Loop Logic Iteration Why not behaving Same ? +2.17
java - calculate Math floor +0.29
How to get random numbers to equal a specific number in javascript? +0.30
Java- Generic Type not found? 0.00
Capturing a Generic Type from an Implementation +0.29
Passing local variable to a refenced method 0.00