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Harald Coppoolse

1434.13 (4,278,855th)
12,996 (11,148th)
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Title Δ
How can I get just the entries that match one condition? 0.00
Using Where clause in Group Join 0.00
C# Linq to entities - How to select only records which have all ref... 0.00
MVC Save to two table 0.00
How do you query for a block inside of search results? 0.00
How can I sort a json that contains win and loss data for each user... 0.00
Can't refresh the page every 50 seconds in winforms 0.00
How can the user change his number during a loop in WinForm? 0.00
Select two columns with Linq 0.00
LINQ Join Group By Select New 0.00
Should we always use .Find() rather than .FirstOrDefault() when we... 0.00
Would it be async if I call a number of async methods without await... 0.00
Efficient way to import data with linq in C# 0.00
How to group a collection by a collection? 0.00
Providing sync and async methods 0.00
Entity Framework. Field value is null after save and read 0.00
LINQ query to extract all answers that contain any keyword from a l... +0.09
Searching objects from c# list between date range - Performance Ori... +0.59
How to get related data with linq? -1.73
How to create sublists from a list with linq? -0.16
How to start the service at background(when application is not runn... +0.33
How to get all id in table1 and save to table2 using c# mvc? -0.51
LINQ: select first value of every minute in table -0.37
Is there anyway to execute the return statement of a method before... +0.38
convert Double Inner Join SQl query to LINQ +0.59
The LINQ expression could not be translated and will be evaluated l... -0.40
How to query a list and return values where ID = any value in an ar... -0.40
Access database context from Entity Framework model class +1.07
The Include property lambda expression [...] is invalid. The expres... 0.00
Linq query results in the same references when initializing a varia... -1.05
c# csv sorting a list using third columns -0.11
Joining two tables using Include() with conditional filter +0.09
Entity Framework procedure call with navigation properties 0.00
Add items to IList with LINQ in C#? +0.02
DbSet<User>.Where() always return null EFCore2.2 -0.42
Linq filter to avoid a loop -0.42
Can't sort C# DataGridView column as integers -0.41
How to improve my linq to get values even if not all conditions are... -1.51
Having trouble grouping columns in Linq query with multiple joins +0.09
How to make a linq lambda expression and set the table to be used i... +0.57
How to get an overloaded == operator to work with LINQ and EF Core? 0.00
How to get SUM of column using Entity Framework LINQ -0.17
How to turn complex sql into linq +0.04
How to deal with asynchronous methods and IDisposable in C#? -1.59
Allow a foreign key to be null with Entity Type Builder 0.00
Eager loading includes endless self-join tables without include tab... 0.00
Counting words with more than x characters in a string in C# using... -0.41
Linq retrive the parent object +0.54
Remove Duplicate value from List<T> -1.01
Merge 2 linq queries, using result from 1 to continue search +1.73