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Harald Coppoolse

1453.84 (4,404,584th)
12,996 (11,149th)
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Title Δ
how to add other fields to group by linq 0.00
Requiring Skip and Take When Querying DbSet (C#) 0.00
How can i use Count with condition in LINQ 0.00
How to show label on YAxis every N value? 0.00
How To run LINQ queries with Generic type 0.00
Is there a way in linq wherin i can insert a row(from dictionary) i... 0.00
I'm pretty new to linq lambda. I have a MySQL query.which I nee... 0.00
create Linq orderby extension C# 0.00
Edit db context to get name from related entity 0.00
LINQ get column based on another column having count >1 0.00
C# LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'System.Strin... 0.00
Entity Framework average with grouping 0.00
Async await throws an error I don't understand how to fix? 0.00
save multiple selected datagrid rows to EF table 0.00
deduct insured amount after every routine checkup for each employee 0.00
How to add a number to an int thats and not place it next to it 0.00
linq max date from multiple columns and tables 0.00
Sorting list by first value in child list 0.00
EF core - the most effective query in this case 0.00
How to use multiple 'Where' expressions and chain them toge... 0.00
Checking if ContextMenuStrip contains an item 0.00
Sort C# map with value and key 0.00
How to add add items near to next list 0.00
LINQ syntax : how to have the same purpose? 0.00
C#, Null Exception Problem while Populating iTextSharp PDF from Dat... 0.00
'Client side GroupBy is not supported.' 0.00
Attempting to generate buttons in C# 0.00
C#, Entity Framework, How to Update(delete, add, edit) multiple row... 0.00
Printing on a winforms textbox C# 0.00
Update one row using entity framework c# 0.00
Entity Framework and SQLite, the ultimate how-to 0.00
How to get data as IEnumerable<MODEL> from DataTable by using... 0.00
EF Core Linq for distinct rows 0.00
DatagridVIew single cell formatting 0.00
cannot convert from 'System.Drawing.Bitmap' to 'string&... 0.00
How save a load rich text from mysql using winforms 0.00
How to get the whole record from a collection which has latest date... 0.00
Why do I need to .Include() collections 0.00
How can I use a LINQ statement to filter out items that matches one... 0.00
How to a List using LINQ Query? 0.00
Problems understanding LINQ syntax. returned error 0.00
formatting the long sql string which contains double quotes 0.00
Linq Multiple where based on different conditions 0.00
How to implement Entity Framework if my tables have unconventional... 0.00
Return select objects and only desired subvalues from a list of lis... 0.00
Is it possible to join an unrelated table in an EF Core Include query 0.00
Does threads work with an await statement? 0.00
Join two IQueryable 0.00
WPF: Update button if text in TextBox changes 0.00
Optimisation time process Linq request 0.00