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Harald Coppoolse

1452.52 (4,531,916th)
12,996 (11,177th)
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Title Δ
How can I disable a treenode checkbox? 0.00
Detect when the key pressed is the first char -0.43
Unable to check if a list of int is completely contained in another... 0.00
When should we implement a constructor with the IContainer paramete... -1.01
C# Showing Data in DatagridView? 0.00
Getting all record by using a reference number in LINQ 0.00
Making a list for each cell in a datagridview -1.79
Read 10 lines at a time from text file in C# -0.72
Windows forms textbox font color change for a limited time -0.22
How do I save separate appointments in the richtextbox with the sam... 0.00
Close SaveFileDialog/OpenFileDialog programmatically without using... -1.77
Two-way data binding of int[] or List<int> to DataGridView in... -0.38
How to order items within the group of anonymous type? +0.56
Progress bar for DataGridView that only accounts for one column -0.76
Linq GroupBy objects with an if else condition +0.34
How can I query UTC-dates for the client's current day? +0.56
LINQ: select specific value in a datatable column -0.45
Compare Dates using LINQ 0.00
when DbContext is garbage-collected or disposed when using in Repos... 0.00
DataGrdiview ComboBox change result 0.00
How to avoid storing duplicate date in text box in windows form app... -0.39
Return the highest value in the IEnumerable<T> list collectio... -0.86
C# Windows Forms - How to get previous SelectedItem in Combobox 0.00
How to refactor duplicated code in Windows Forms? +2.83
How do i make a global array -1.44
How to do multiple join with group-by in LINQ +2.32
How to ping each IP from rows in a DataGridView? 0.00
C# for loop: Checking if DateTimePicker is weekend or in database -1.91
C# Jagged Array, determine if any pair matches -0.44
Try to select all text in TextBox when focus/clicked -1.87
Properly disposing of Bitmap object 0.00
How to store an object as a string in database using Entity Framewo... 0.00
How to have a variable go up by 1 each second asynchronously? 0.00
Exception thrown when setting DataGridView property 0.00
Trying to filter only digits in string array using LINQ +0.23
ComboBox datasource: show complete item 0.00
C# stream Deserialize way to loop? 0.00
Get value of button clicked in DataGridView bound to a DataTable 0.00
EF Core: Correct way to query data multiple levels deep in related... 0.00
c# datagridview set new row position on top +0.12
C# LINQ to get id of generic list T +1.78
how to retrieve all data from mysql db using c# winform 0.00
Create multiple threads and calling an async method for testing +0.10
I can't edit a row in the datagridview 0.00
Does Take(x) in Linq stops enumerating when taking x objects? -1.07
Scrolling DataGridView seems to bring down performance drastically +0.06
Showing more than one row in DataGridView in C# -0.92
Getting error that "'object' does not contain a defini... 0.00
ef core controllers without repository 0.00
How can I find the city where the product number x is most ordered... +1.77