An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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John S Perayil

1515.95 (40,012th)
3,247 (51,816th)
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Title Δ
How to get story point estimate Jira plugin development 0.00
How to use go's json tag to unmarshal both numeric and string p... -1.64
Is there a non-blocking http client? +0.09
Is there a way to use JSON to add an internal comment within Jira? 0.00
Active objects and LocalDate 0.00
JIRA: How to automate sub-tasks movement 0.00
Is there a nil value I can use for bytes in Go? -3.88
zip folder with source and target 0.00
golang mysql DESCRIBE table causes driver.Value type nil error -0.29
Comparing the same value in ioutil package? 0.00
Golang match domain names wild card +1.73
How do I apply my custom UnmarshalJSON method to an embedded struct? +4.07
Race condition between creating file and ioutil.ReadFile 0.00
How to design a progress bar logic when inputs are less than 10? +1.75
How do you implement a container for different types in Go? -2.83
Trying to Unmarshal a map[Priority]string -0.24
How long should Golang graceful HTTP shutdown take? 0.00
goroutine stack traces incomplete 0.00
What is the difference between `Host` and `URL.Host` for golang `ht... -2.11
How to instantatiate struct from the string representation of the s... +2.99
Way to pass data up to parent middleware? +0.19
How can I detect linux distribution within GOlang program? 0.00
Extend tag of a composed Go Struct 0.00
How to decrypt POST request body in golang 0.00
golang is there an easy way to unmarshal arbitrary complex json -0.19
Go Webserver Not Handling POST Requests 0.00
Is there a way to custom Marshaling Protobuf in golang? 0.00
How to use port from a range for LocalAddr? 0.00
Can I add commands with Go flags? -0.17
How get fast multiple rows in Go? 0.00
Poor performance converting python code to Go +3.72
How to deploy my webapp on CI build success via SSH? -1.72
How to add metadata to a new subscription in Stripe? 0.00
How do I read one value from a JSON file using Go +3.86
golang parsing time with layout returns offset twice 0.00
Golang replace previously opened file when new file is created -4.23
How to integrate aws sdk ses in golang? 0.00
How can we read a json file as json object in golang 0.00
golang : convert milliseconds to time +3.87
Only accept HTTP connections from Localhost in Go? 0.00
Golang single page website server 0.00
How can I tell goimports to prefer one package over another? +4.03
How can I pass parameters to a alice middleware in Go? +3.93
go lang switch statement error 0.00
Resetting http handlers in golang for unit testing -2.06
What is the similar to Python's BaseHTTPRequestHandler in go -0.06
cmd line parameter string.Contains behaving differently from hardco... -4.13
Is it possible to convert JSON variable names on-the-fly in go? 0.00
Logic distribution in GO 0.00
Golang http handler - time taken for request 0.00