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Rating Stats for

Silvio Mayolo

1580.18 (2,819th)
14,453 (9,812th)
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Title Δ
<T extends Error> not resolving in Typescript 0.00
Print to stdout without line break using IO.puts in elixir +1.34
How to match String against String in Rust? 0.00
In the declaration of class Functor, can the type variables be func... +1.31
Infinite curryable add function +1.95
Can I run a portion of a python script from command line? -0.08
Ruby passing method 0.00
What is the importance of making a variable a constant? +1.14
How do I convert a numpy uint8 in the default int type in Python? 0.00
Lambda Expressions and Strings +0.60
Cannot prove that "a Tuple2" <:< (T, U) 0.00
Use global version of object if it exists -1.72
How to make alias_method in Ruby use the sub-class' custom meth... +0.68
Deep Rust matching: is there a better way? 0.00
How do I make these lifetimes match? 0.00
Is the complexity search time of hash table O(n^2) or O(log n)? 0.00
Stack overflow when folding infinite lists? +1.96
Why can't Ruby find a method declared right above? 0.00
How to fix "tuple object has no attribute"? 0.00
Understand the signature of partially applied function for function... 0.00
boost::lexical_cast wrong output +1.59
Increment positive numbers and decrement negative number all by 1 0.00
While loop for iterating all combinations between two values -0.62
How many times is (+ 1) computed here? -0.98
Converting Char to Integer in Common Lisp -1.91
Does Ruby have a `bool` function like Python? +1.14
I want strip argument from variable args by using template meta pro... +0.11
Listing Items in Haskell 0.00
Why is this variable not defined if it is a global variable? +0.41
Haskell independently deciding to infer Bifunctor for my datatype? 0.00
Does this kind of sorting has any name? +0.60
Is there a more elegant way to filter the failed results of a funct... -0.89
Test if all elements of a Foldable are the same +0.72
How to use interface and generic same time in Function 0.00
Why are all classes affected by changes to one class? +0.49
Python: return float 1.0 as int 1 but float 1.5 as float 1.5 -0.50
What is the difference between ClassName objectName(4); and ClassNa... +0.41
Why can't a subclass of a subclass access protected member of i... -2.03
Why can't I use return in my ternary expression but I can in a... 0.00
Question about get line and string find function -1.31
Java : when is a variable de-referenced 0.00
How to declare variable argument abstract function in Scala 0.00
Lenses for association list 0.00
Is there a pythonic way to add conditions to while statements if va... +0.48
Abs and minBound 0.00
Range object throwing java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException +2.03
What does "(_:_:_)" mean in Haskell (non-exhaustive patte... 0.00
Creating a regexp from string without quoting +1.53
How do I pass parameter unordered on typescript? +0.40
Recursion issues in rust 0.00