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John McCollum

1537.57 (13,098th)
4,136 (40,479th)
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Title Δ
get scroll event in javascript with full height page +3.51
Why is React rendering my component over and over with an unchanged... +3.76
Detect when image fails to load -2.02
print variables using console.log() with back ticks and dollar sign -1.79
Error "'Validate_default_type!': An option's defau... +0.99
Viewport meta tag with semi-responsive site 0.00
404 error on drupal after migrating +3.99
Work with Netscape Bookmark File Format on Python? +3.71
.js.php file extension adds on strange characters at end of file 0.00
How to make jQuery Mobile attributes XHTML-valid 0.00
Android Roll Out Menu 0.00
jQuery: how to select attribue in this situation? -0.41
Avoid js error message when using a common js file -0.04
parsing out ajax json results -2.41
How to get a value of element that was added with ajax in a "l... -1.16
Is it clean to have conditional statements within Codeigniter views? -4.56
Having trouble getting jQuery tooltip function to work 0.00
How to check is first character is ñ - Django +3.33
Equal height columns jQuery not working in webkit browsers 0.00
Problems copying CodeIgniter Installation 0.00
Android Creating application on Android using Android +3.94
Can I stick extra stuff in HTML tags so that my JQuery can pick up... +3.89
Are there any PHP *websites* that have made their source available? +2.21
Update content with AJAX every X minutes at same time for several u... -2.79
change the style of title attribute of the img tag 0.00
How do i activate this jquery function when combined with PHP +4.52
How do i round up the value up to 2 decimals in PHP 0.00
lazy load js not working. followed instructions. head scratching. s... +3.79
jQuery delay() works after effect, but not before? +2.59
Validating UK Post Codes using regular expressions +1.62
Should I use JQuery to add some value to a Hidden Text Box? +4.51
Is it possible to be attacked with XSS on a static page (i.e. witho... -2.82
In css or jquery, is there a way I can add something to my border o... -2.07
Specific stylesheet for IE8 -3.24
I want to prevent people from accessing my php pages directly using... +1.78
how to convert html page to image using java or php -0.57
writing javascript div in html +4.72
How to accomplish scrolling text on Twitter home page? +3.92
Public Access level to the pages in Joomla1.5 0.00
how to modify this jquery syntax -2.32
jQuery - get neighborhood element +3.92
jQuery select image in div if image parent does't have a certain cl... +3.58
Codeigniter Session Data not available in other pages after login 0.00
form $_POST as an array -0.33
What does "body > *" mean in CSS? -2.95
Turn all links on a page into https within firefox +3.43
jQuery reversing animation on second click +3.47
Calculate width dynamically (jQuery) +4.02
jquery events do not recognise js-added html components? -3.75
loop through elements with jquery? -2.20