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Cory Kramer

1681.72 (235th)
77,307 (1,091st)
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Title Δ
How do I match something between brackets using regex? 0.00
Split String sequentially every possible split 0.00
How to do switch case in python depending on 4 variables 0.00
for loop adding multiples of three 0.00
Nested list duplication ranking 0.00
How to succinctly list all attributes of classes and objects? 0.00
Python : How to send mails using outlook and attach files 0.00
try except with more than one situation 0.00
How to avoid rounding for long decimal numbers in Python? 0.00
Number pattern in C++ 0.00
sum the decimal number in list. python 0.00
How to sort array of pair <int, pair <int, int> >, by f... 0.00
Don't understand cause of TypeError: list indices must be integ... 0.00
Is there of a way to pass a list of strings as comma separated stri... 0.00
How to find the most common day name in a month? 0.00
beginner looking for advice (Python) 0.00
Is there a way to use a variable to reference a different variable... 0.00
Install only a part of boost using conan 0.00
How can I write a Python function that counts the number of times a... 0.00
How to split a one word string in python3? 0.00
Log anything i want using auto keyword 0.00
How to convert a discord message object into a string? 0.00
Passing a dictionary to the __init__ function and trying to access... 0.00
Passing by assignment: Python 0.00
Sum of specific elements in list of integers 0.00
Trying to construct an object with another object as parameter 0.00
How to get date range for one day using strftime? 0.00
How to convert the Matlab function code into Python code? 0.00
Getting a 'FileNotFoundError' 0.00
c++ how to elegantly use c++17 parallel execution with for loop tha... 0.00
How to remove elements from an array based on their value? 0.00
How to remove all string values that precede a character in pandas? 0.00
Python filename from path with \ 0.00
Segmentation fault when calling destructor 0.00
How do you accept multiple values for a switch case? 0.00
Add elements of a list based on the elements of another list 0.00
how to extract a specific field? 0.00
Check if there is any common element in both lists : Python 0.00
How can I calculate a measure of 'rotational mobility' from... 0.00
Python: How to use the "sum" function to calculate the su... 0.00
How do I check for capital letters in a string? 0.00
Efficient way to remove half of the duplicate items in a list 0.00
How can I modify my code for the desired format? +0.51
C++ initialize array with another array and new values -0.24
How to order a list of lists based on number of elements within the... +0.76
Python convert date format +0.01
no viable overloaded '=' error, what may cause this? 0.00
Cannot instantiate abstract class, but double checked overriding of... +1.30
How to move one vector into another vector without copying 0.00
Python convert list of tuples to dictionary with value of multiple... +0.28