An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1563.77 (4,840th)
27,655 (4,545th)
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Title Δ
Is it a good practice to create many DTO for a model? 0.00
What version of JRE I need to compile with JDK 13.0.2? -1.17
Weird error: relation <schema name> does not exist 0.00
Depth of a Node in a Binary Tree (Java) -0.10
is the method to create simple login wrong 0.00
I'm trying to sort and set a string to see if it matches the al... -0.38
Python - Creating a class for numbers that takes ints, tuples, sets... 0.00
how to print a 2D array in c when you don't know the length 0.00
JavaScript - Computed properties - deep confusion +3.01
How to find columns that only have one value - Postgresql 0.00
Adding numbers to hashCode() for what? -0.56
ClassCastException for PersistenceProviderImpl in Karaf 0.00
What is the correct way to make validations in JS, using the IF con... +0.91
left and right objects are evaluated / resolved during runtime or c... +1.06
PostgreSQL - are ENABLE/DISABLE trigger rolled back? 0.00
OpenCSV Write to other column 0.00
PostgreSQL - query behaves inconsistently - what is causing this? +0.42
ResultSetMetaData getColumnTypeName returning wrong data type 0.00
Hibernate Query - timeout -0.07
how the top 1 works in sql server 2012 -0.96
Jersey 1.x - compatibility 0.00
Find Inverse Tangent? -0.27
Karaf - exception when persisting a simple POJO 0.00
java - child process stopping main thread -0.59
SQL Update Query returning error +1.06
2D array in java and using it as 1D -0.09
How can I group by this query that there's not two columns per... 0.00
How to randomly assign 2 character codes in Java -0.39
PostgreSQL password generator -0.09
Is it possible to find all primary keys that have system generated... -0.69
Error when printing 0.00
SQL Trigger past paper -0.60
The multi-part identifier "Export_Shipping.site_num" coul... 0.00
Extending a map by specifying key & value types 0.00
Run a sql query that deletes a column before a date 0.00
kafka get partition count for a topic -0.29
What does where do in the below query? -0.08
What am I doing wrong in this method? (Using StringBuilder to creat... -0.34
Java: Parsing Strings with extra quotes -2.52
How to get 0 from subtracting two double numbers? +0.12
mysql: How to extract multiple tables from one and group by in each... -1.01
Java Enum data long value being set to zero +2.47
What does Java `this` actually refer to in an inheritance situation? +0.24
Search Java Example for a scatted 3D Graph 0.00
subset sum find all subsets that add up to a number 0.00
Date Comparison in TSQL +1.39
Checking if a number represented by a string is in a certain numera... +1.41
java.sql.SQLException:[SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database... 0.00
generating a random double between 0 and infinity in java -0.08
How to avoid executing the query multiple times? -0.98