An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1701.37 (143rd)
28,697 (4,322nd)
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Title Δ
How to suppress these fake warnings coming from aiohttp? 0.00
Combining asyncio with a multi-worker ProcessPoolExecutor +1.77
Iterate through a list multiple times +0.89
Inspect params and return types +1.34
How to manage side effects in Python loops? 0.00
Python: for a list of lists, get mean value in each position -0.28
What is this odd Python colon behavior doing? 0.00
python: bookkeeping dependencies in cached attributes that might ch... +1.27
set of keys for nested dictionaries +1.16
Idiomatically gather results from a dict of futures +0.22
List all files in subdirectories from a given start directory 0.00
Understanding __getitem__ interaction with __len__ +1.12
Namedtuple '_source' method is deactivated after being refe... 0.00
Summing consecutive numbers of an input array to generate a new array +0.80
Shorting the code for update dictionary in python -0.34
How to use functional programming to iterate and find maximum produ... +0.89
Why does isinstance() return False in this case? 0.00
File "<string>" traceback with line preview 0.00
Using nested special callable types throws TypeError: ... object do... 0.00
How to check if there is a special character or number in string bu... +1.66
Testing if a certain number is within a list of ranges -0.13
All prints in function with tabs. Python +0.12
Generating multiple list from a list -1.90
Python - sum all values by moving range +1.23
python simple qu +0.25
call private class function in exec() python 0.00
How to replace multiple elements in a string with a single element? +0.79
How do I check if a directory is a python package? +1.51
How to turn Python list to consecutive tuples including edge items? +1.48
List comprehension with for loop -0.69
Python 3 import anomaly 0.00
Creating dictionary from list of lists and obtain the maximum keys... +1.58
Retrieving all iterator values from generator function +1.13
Python import shadowing different between 3.4.6 and 3.5.2 0.00
Why is inspect.currentframe slower than sys. _getframe? 0.00
Squeeze in an entry to a dictionary while creating the latter with... -0.71
python: class vs tuple huge memory overhead (?) +1.40
Is there a way to .replace() certain string snippets according to a... +0.75
How can I find all the differences between values in a dictionary? -0.11
keyerror in multiple key string interpolation python +0.39
Sorting items in a Python list -0.87
how to find common keys from two dict with difference in values +0.24
If equal to groups[*][0], where groups is array of tuples? +0.26
Subclass avoiding parent's metaclass -2.88
Integer object identity test: inconsistent behavior between large p... -1.33
Print multiline strings side-by-side +0.26
python transpose list of lists except first column +0.87
python iterative process inside lambda function +0.31
Count list occurence in list python +0.72
Using `str.format` to template log messages +0.26